(Video) MMA fighters disqualified after their fight was deemed too BORING

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An MMA fight in Russia saw both fighters disqualified as a consequence of boring the crowd to sleep.

It’s not uncommon for fighters in combat sports to be accused of not being entertaining enough for the consumers.

Floyd Mayweather boasts a 50-0 professional boxing record, but was oftentimes regarded as a rather mundane fighter.

Israel Adesanya, one of the finest UFC fighters on the planet at current, has also been branded boring at times.

However, that has never prevented either fighter, or any others, from progressing in their careers.

The rules are different in Russia, clearly, with two fighters boring the crowd and subsequently being disqualified.

In this case, it was the owner of the organisation who himself walked into the cage and told the referee to disqualify them.

We know that near enough anything goes in Russia, especially in combat sports, but have you EVER seen anything like this?