“Mini retirement” Gary Neville not understanding holidays is hilarious

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Gary Neville is a lot of things. A former footballer. A celebrated and sometimes maligned football pundit. A successful businessman. A budding part-time politician. One thing he is not is lazy, which was shown by his lack of understanding of or appreciation for a holiday.

Speaking to Steve Bartlett on the Diary of a CEO podcast, Neville talked about taking “mini-retirements” during the year, something he has tried to do of late but something he still struggles with.

One of said “mini-retirements” was a Friday-Monday to Spain, to which Bartlett responded by calling that a weekend. Neville followed up by saying he struggles to switch off and isn’t one of those people who can take a six-month sabbatical.

Check out GNev’s struggle with the concept of holidays below

Surely with no men’s international tournament, Neville will take his wife and kids away on a nice family holiday or mini-retirement, whichever he prefers.

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