😳 Mike Tyson was very close to sending ‘fan’ to the shadow realm

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One fan nearly got more than they bargained for when they had a go on the pads with boxing icon, Mike Tyson.

The clip shows a man training with ‘Iron Mike’ on the pads but he very nearly made a fatal mistake coming close to connecting with the face of the ‘former baddest man on the planet’.

In response Tyson let him know in no uncertain terms that if he did hit him then he wouldn’t hold back and he would ‘f*** him up’.

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You can watch the video below:

Fight fans responded to the clip.

One said: ‘I think I’d stop punching lmao.’

Another added: ‘I would’ve apologised on the spot. I like my ears.’

A third commented: ‘Yeah, it’s Iron Mike Tyson. You touch his face, he will touch yours.’


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