🚨 Mike Tyson warns John Fury his pal is ‘coming for him’

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Tyson Fury’s dad has been challenged to a fight by one of Mike Tyson’s friends.

Iron Mike has sent John Fury a warning after he was called out by Joe Egan for a scrap.

Egan was a handy sparring partner for Tyson during his prime and was once labelled by him as ‘the toughest white man on the planet.’

In a video posted on X Tyson said: “John Fury, you’ve got my friend Joe Egan really mad at you, saying you wanted to fight me.

“And he also told me that you told Russell Crowe that he was a fraud. So, Joe Egan is looking for John Fury, okay?

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“And if I’m able to see that fight – I hope it’s not in England because I’m a felon, I can’t go to England.

“But he’s coming for you John Fury, for my honour.”

You can watch the video below:

And here’s the original call-out from Egan himself.

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