🚨 Mike Tyson wanted a very different face tattoo, but it was refused.

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Mike Tyson has sported the iconic tattoo since 2003.

β€˜Iron Mike’ is one of the most recognizable people on the planet, but if he had gotten his way, he would have looked far less intimidating.

β€œI was going to get a bunch of hearts and stuff. That would have been really stupid,” he explained.

β€œI was going to be the man of hearts, baby. I was very close. Victor Perez, the tattoo artist, said, β€˜I ain’t doing that. I can’t do that.’”

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β€œI said, β€˜What do you think I should get? Because I was confused.’ Victor Perez is a good guy and said, β€˜Come back in a couple of days; I’m going to try and write up some stuff.’”

β€œI waited around, and two days later, he called and said, β€˜Mike, I’ve got some tribal stuff.’ I said, β€˜Whoa, put another one over there.’ I was like, β€˜This is cool; I like this.’ So he did it.”

β€œI thought it was so hot. I would be in these dens, these clubs, and strip places sometimes, and all the girls said, β€˜Oh, you are very exotic; where are you from? Where did your family come from? Why did you put this tattoo on your face?’”

β€œThey said I looked like some tribesman or something. I ran into some chicks that happened to be from the Maori tribe, and they said, β€˜Hey, you’ve got some of my tribe on your face,’ and the lady pulled her pants down, and she has this tattoo on her butt.”

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