🚨 Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul conspiracy theory emerges after fight postponement

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Mike Tyson and Jake Paul were set to fight on July 20th.

‘Iron Mike’s’ recent health worries had forced him out of the fight after he had suffered an ulcer flare up.

Jake Paul’s brother Logan offered to step in and face him after Tyson’s withdrawal by saying in a post on X: “So Mike Tyson’s out? I’ll step in and we can settle this once and for all.”

Former UFC star Brendan Schaub believes the brothers have been planning to fight each other all along and has questioned the legitimacy of Tyson’s pull out.

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Schaub speaking on his podcast said: “Years ago when I had Logan on, he said the ultimate plan – this ends with me and my brother fighting.”

“Here’s a question. Put my tinfoil hat on. Was this the plan all along? Here’s another question for you guys. What gets more – Mike Tyson versus Jake Paul or Jake Paul versus Logan Paul?

I’m not saying on YouTube, on Netflix. Because if you take Mike Tyson out of that fight, my dad’s not watching it. My dad’s not watching Logan Paul. But a ton of youngsters who vape and are confused about their pronouns are gonna tune in. What do I think gets more views overall? Jake Paul versus Logan Paul, because you’re going to get their fanbases, which is bigger than Mike Tyson’s.”

Yesterday a new date was announced for the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight with the fight now scheduled for November 15th.

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