🚨 Mike Tyson had ‘one strict condition’ before agreeing to Jake Paul fight

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Mike Tyson reportedly had one condition before agreeing to his clash with Jake Paul.

The pair along with Netflix shocked the world when they announced the return of Mike Tyson.

And on X formerly Twitter the Netflix account wrote:

“It’s JAKE PAUL vs. MIKE TYSON — yes, really! — in a LIVE BOXING event at AT&T Stadium you won’t want to miss. Airing live on Netflix Saturday, July 20 #PaulTyson.”

Back in May 2022, ‘Iron Mike’ reportedly told the Club Random Podcast that he would only fight the YouTuber-come-boxer if it smashed pay-per-view records.

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On Paul he said: “I don’t look at him the way society looks at him, I can’t even say what they call him.

“He’s a fighter but they don’t want to credit him as being a fighter. He can fight and everybody wants to kick his a** because he p***** everybody off. He’s a great salesman and promoter, he doesn’t even know it. He’s just a natural great promoter.”

Interestingly the fight or whatever it is will not be on PPV as such as it will readily available to Netflix users worldwide.

But you can guarantee Tyson would have been paid a pretty penny for any sort of ring return.

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  1. Except that Jake Paul is wearing head gear, can tag in his brother for 2 on one and doesn’t have to weigh in. Total crock and bullshit sham fight.

      1. The biggest gimmick since E.K. jumping over the Grand Canyon. This is Barnum & Bailey’s Circus act at its finest. And they will both make a ton of money. Promoting at its finest. Let the show begin!

          1. Of course it’s a shame fight, if I’m not mistaken after the biting incident Tyson was banned from professional boxing.nope it was the Snake River Canyon and he failed, miserably

    1. Tyson is more then double his age nothing against tyson he is a living legend. He joust agin the fighter he was 35 years ago

      1. It doesn’t matter his age, look at the physical condition he’s in, he is lightning fast and still has those massive power punches… he’s an absolute beast at his age now. He will destroy Paul, my money is on big Mike

          1. Mike Tyson will re-aerange Jakes whole face or do what he does best KNOCK people out. My money is on Iron Mike…

          2. You’re exactly right! Not worth watching, they try to make it look like he really beat Tyson or gave him a good fight,.. They won’t let Tyson win.

        1. I hope Mike kos his piunk ass in first round with a broken jaw so don’t have to listen to his mouth but he probably pay Mike off like all his other Fighters jake should put some hot sauce on your ears Mike mite be hungry not had an fresh meat since prison but Jake probably Like it fucking punk

          1. I’m with you pal. I despise this kid. That said he does work hard at boxing, but he’s still a joke fighting old retired guys.

        2. That pic is from 2005 he is not in that condition, I love Tyson’s legend and the fighter he was but I’m afraid it’s lights out for him and it’s a shame that he chose to do this, shame on Jake Paul for even considering this may aswell take your grandad in the ring and give him a pasting

          1. No way Mike is gonna let Joke Paul tarnish his legacy by losing to that clown!!! 1st Rd KO Iron Mike!!!!!

          2. You might want to watch the CURRENT training videos. Mike looks fast, healthy, strong and his power looks to be there. Only question is his heart when that bell rings.

        3. Tyson looked very bad actually 25 yrs ago, hes 58 now, u think hes gotten better?? Its a $ grab, both wanna pad their bank accounts for people that dont kno any better

          1. Iron Mike could accidentally send this kid to the big dirt nap. I wouldn’t fight Mike without lead.

        4. Compare his older training videos to his current. He has lost speed and power. Still a badass but he isn’t what he use to be.

        5. Yes, he’s in great shade and he’s fast but at almost 60 everything hurts and he definitely cannot take punches like he used to. Wish him the best.

        6. I would agree with you if it was not for the fact it is being called an “EXHIBITION” fight. If it were a sanctioned fight with a lot at stake, Iron Mike would put him down in the 1st, maybe the 2nd round. But being an exhibition fight, it will probably end up in a draw like the Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr “fight” ended.

        7. Yes it does matter your age! It’s been proven over and over again! Don’t matter if you look physically like a 25 year old. Your bones and joints are still old.

        8. I hope he puts Paul in the hospital for a few days and shuts him up. But this is nothing but for the money. A big money grab.

      2. This is a fake fight all about money it’s a joke let Jake Paul come up through the ranks. Sure he can fight but this is about money and clicks

        1. I think it maybe like what they just did for Ngannou, make him look good in an exhibition where there’s nothing to lose so he could get straight into rankings and fight AJ. If Paul just lasts against Mike going 50% hel end up with a title shot without going through any rankings

      3. You know what he is getting old. But if you watch him spare. He is still fast as fuck. And huts hard. Period

        1. Compare his older videos to his current training, guy still a badass but he has definitely lost some speed and his movement is a bit stiffer now.

      4. Step in the ring with Tyson then. He don’t move, train, or workout like a 57 year old man. I’m 57, and I’m not ashamed to say I wouldn’t want to face him.

      5. Mate you living under a rock who the fuck want to jump in the ring with that motherfucker he will fuck you up it’s got nothing to do with his age mate look at him he gonna kill that young prick

      6. Never doubt what a man can do you all better stop slipping on Mike Tyson hell Micheal Jai white is around his age but I bet no one will fuck with him to quick

      7. Yea that’s what they said about George Forman! Look how that turned out. Don’t under estimate the old guy. You might be spitting a lot of blood.

          1. Boxers need warm up fights to fine tune. Tyson looks in good shape for his age but I don’t think he will cope in the ring with Jake Paul

            I hate to say that. Id love he swede to get knocked right of his rock and bolders!

      1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Tyson is in great shape and I’m looking forward to the youtuber finally being up against a real opponent instead of the no marks he’s already fought.

      2. You’re not serious right now right? You actually asked that question. I swear people need to actually start using their brains.

        1. I hope Mike makes Jake Paul look like Alan in the Hangover. I cant stand people like Paul.

      1. I hope Mike kos his piunk ass in first round with a broken jaw so don’t have to listen th his mouth but he probably pay Mike off like all his other fitters put some hot sauce on your ears Jake Mike mite be hungry not had an fresh meat since prison

        1. Mike’s in great shape for his age. The only concern I have is that if the fight goes 2 or more rounds, can Mike keep up the pace?? Endurance is what is going to determine this fight.

          1. I would love to see 3 hits. Tyson Hit Paul, Paul hit the roof then Paul hit the canvas, Blunt Force Trauma. That it the biggest thing Tyson is known for, POWER. Bust Paul’s ribs and knock his damned face off.

    2. Yeah total bullshit 18oz fucking head guards damn pillow fight on PPV Tyson shouldn’t have yo do this.

    3. I’m not a fan of the brothers. The rules are a joke. But I don’t see his brother stepping in the ring. He already has brain damage and the power Tyson has would definitely be dangerous to him. I don’t see a doctor or boxing committee clearing him to fight.

    4. Where are you getting that info. I’ve searched the internet and nothing is coming up. So I ask where are you getting these so called rules.

    5. Stop believing everything you see on Tik Tok! Dude makes a video discussing “the rules” and you buy that shit! None of those roles are true! STOP!

    6. If this is true it kind of makes sense because Netflix will be picking up Monday night RAW. You are right though this isn’t a boxing match.

    7. I don’t mind. I actually like it. It’s entertaining to me. Also motivating showing that you can still be in shape and competing at an old age. I personally don’t think Jake is much of a fighter and he is going against an old time great champion. I don’t mind seeing the legend again. I think he can even have a shot at winning!

    8. So jack Paul call’s out Tyson on the fight BUT it has conditions! He can tag in his brother and make it two on one !!! Jake gets to wear headgear But Tyson doesn’t! Jake can take inhansers of any kind But Tyson doesn’t!!! 🤨🤔

  2. its a fantastic event mike wants to prove something jake wants to prove he can handle a 68 year old Tyson both have enormous egos and it will be a fight to remember ,I think mike will put jake on a stretcher headed for the hospital in less than 3 minutes and if it last 45 seconds into the second round it will be boring as hell two nobodies jabbing and circling the ring. But i would not bet it lasts into the second Mike has to much fire to leave any stone un turned in the first round thats his way to begin with and the way he will end it

        1. You’re. Not your. When you call someone stupid with improper grammar you look even more stupid. (Let me say it in a way that you will understand – “stoopider”)

  3. its a fantastic event mike wants to prove something jake wants to prove he can handle a 58 year old Tyson both have enormous egos and it will be a fight to remember ,I think mike will put jake on a stretcher headed for the hospital in less than 3 minutes and if it last 45 seconds into the second round it will be boring as hell two nobodies jabbing and circling the ring. But i would not bet it lasts into the second Mike has to much fire to leave any stone un turned in the first round thats his way to begin with and the way he will end it

    1. Mike, if your reading this? Know one thing.
      If you let this guy beat you, or you fall…You will lose your integrity as a boxer who sold out for some pocket money. At your age, you have a chance to prove to all that your iron Mike. Don’t give up your dignity and reputation for money.

      1. Here is the thing Mike don’t have to sell out for money his weed business made him very very rich off his brand so I don’t think will take a dive and he still hates his self for when he bit the ear off he is all about having clean fights there is no way Jake is winning this and if Jake makes itb3 round I will be amazed.

  4. WTF? Tyson would had killed him in the day. What if he losses? Will he want a rematch when he’s 70?

      1. Iron Mike will never be the devastation he was at 19yrs old and he’s not fighting the massively experienced giants either. I bet his punches are just as powerful or maybe more powerful, his speed and accuracy not as much, but he’s not fighting a massively experienced giant, he’s fighting someone who has had fights with boxers who have been light on him, probably in order to get a re-match. These boxers could easily have knocked him out, bit they didn’t and it was an obvious sham! I hope this is not the same, if it is, it will ruin Mike’s reputation. If its not, I expect Mike to knock Paul out within 4 rounds.

        1. Mike ain’t laying down for no one at any time , bout , or anything of the sort. 💯 Tyson gonna F@#& that boy up..💯. 🖕Paul

    1. Tell you what Jake!
      Perhaps you would be better suited for a pillow fight
      This is a case of Daniel in the lion’s den.
      But i get it, you feel your youth is your win, you foolish bastard.

    2. “They might be a little dust on the bottle but don’t let it fool ya about what’s inside” David Lee Murphy
      Team Mike… but also I want Jake Paul to start taking real fights and do what he said about becoming a real boxers and to go after the belt. Otherwise he’s still just a YouTuber who can fight and not a professional boxer

    3. Tyson held back on Roy Jones’s to make a show, Tyson will bum rush him to the ropes and put him away, watch and enjoy👍

  5. I’ve seen tyson training he is still an animal, but he needs to knock him out in the first 2 or 3 which I’m pretty sure he will. Jake Paul needs to be shown he is not a real boxer. Do it for us all and for boxing iron Mike.

  6. Mike if you read this you’re one of the greatest boxers of all time I believe you’ll put Jake to sleep in round 2 that said he has age on his side you have experience don’t sell out for a ppv number put this puppie to sleep and remind the world the baddest man on the plant still exists and Jake is biting off more than he can chew stick to being a world champion maybe if Jake wants to fight someone around his age maybe tszyu might take him on hahahaha don’t give him grain or ground crush it as always iron mike

  7. I am happy for Mike. I hope he makes a lot of money. He was surrounded by snakes when he was fighting and they sucked him dry. I hope Mike makes $50 million.

  8. Come July when it happens Jake Paul needs to do his homework and watch Tysons training videos becouse if he don’t he will get blindsided .All I can say is Jake Paul be afraid be very afraid because you really don’t know what you are letting yourself in for

  9. I think Paul better study videos of Tyson in the ring in depth, also watch videos of Tyson in interviews and on social media too so he will have a feel of his technique and what might be going on in Tyson’s mind. Tyson is 57 but the beast in that man’s heart, mind and soul holds no age. Paul better be ready for one hell of a fight with a primal beast that is Mike Tyson.

  10. I don’t care if it’s fake as long as Mike gets out of debbbbttttttt baby!!!!!!!!

  11. I hope Mike Tyson Gives Him That Lethal Right Hook and Kicks him in the Ballsack while he’s knocked out

  12. Exact same scenario as Rocky 5. Jake Paul can’t win. If he wins the fight, then he beat up a 60 year old man. If he loses, then he lost to a 60 year old man.

  13. With it being an exhibition fight only, Tyson will take it easy on Paul while Paul goes all in to win by a decision. That’s how Paul wins. If this happens, no one will ever be able to shut him up and Tyson will have to live with allowing himself to be beat by a punk white kid.

  14. Everyone will say how bad this fight is for boxing and that they can’t believe that this is even happening. But at the end of the day all those people will still watch the fight and Jake Paul and Tyson will make a shit ton of money for getting in there and put on a show not a boxing match.

  15. Tyson has said it before, when he steps in the ring something in him switches on and he simply wants to kill the other one. Its instinct to him. He’s never lost it. If hes in shape, I feel sorry for Paul. He hasnt faced this kind of monster.

  16. Reading all the comments…. There’s no way either will lose. To much on both side. Tyson’s legacy and Jake Paul’s future circus acts. I CALL A DRAW

    1. It’s probably a draw.(Nobody gets hurt) But, if it gets serious, Tyson will assuredly knock that douches head clean off his body. Only if isn’t some playtime exhibition.

  17. The circus show will be rigged and two nobody’s will get paid millions For what? Don’t degrade boxing just for the almighty dollar

  18. Didn’t you guys see him fight Roy Jones? He’s fast sparring for 8 seconds, then he peters out. Plus the payday! Fake knockout in the 3rd round.

    And believe me, I want Tyson to win!

  19. They’ll be using 14 oz gloves and head-guards, and it will be little more than a sparring exhibition. There’s no way Tyson will be allowed to go full throttle in a serious boxing match. It will be in his contract to not go for a KO, whilst JP does a ‘Mayweather’ and just runs around the ring, scores a few jabs, and holds on for dear life.. The promoters & bookies will want JP to win, so they can promote more fights against other 60 year old retired champions. Who next? George Foreman? Larry Holmes? The whole thing is a circus that I’m surprised Tyson wants any part of. Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

  20. Let’s not forget the difference between a bout and an exhibition match..
    If it’s an exhibition match it will be rigged and Mike Tyson will not be allowed to knock down or knock out Jake Paul.
    Only way this will be a real fight as if it is a considered a bout not an exhibition

  21. On top of that Jake Paul also will not be drug tested and he is allowed to supercharge himself on whatever he wants..

  22. Of course it’s a shame fight, if I’m not mistaken after the biting incident Tyson was banned from professional boxing.

  23. Wow a bunch of squares in these comments lol. U really don’t have to watch the match or even read about it. All this drama, like a bunch of chicks talking shit. Most of us who don’t have our heads in our ass understand that this isn’t a serious fight. But we are curious what Mike Tyson we will see in front of Jake. Talk all ur shit, sham fight and all there probably gonna enjoy them selves while taking ur money.

  24. Win or not it’s a loss for Jake. If he wins people will say he beat an old man. If he loses people will say he got beat by an old man. This is by far the dumbest fight for jake to take. Tyson probably doesn’t care if he loses or not. He’s just glad to get back in the ring and the money is just a bonus.

  25. Mike Tyson is a different person in the ring he is a killer. And his age will not make a difference remember Mike has 44 wins by Ko I think he is in great shape. I’m 64 and I’m in great shape been in the gym most of my adult life and still going strong 💪

  26. Mike don’t go easy break his mental illness considering he’s a boxer one of those old punches will paralyzed him don’t hold back bc he’s a kid treat it like a fight and separate his head from his spine knowing he thinks he’ll Beatur ass like Treat it like a real fight not fighting some little boy break his dumb ass face ur the man Mike no one was ever hit as hard as u

  27. Mike Tyson has been training and sparring with one of the worlds best coaches in the world his speed,agility, accuracy, power and experience he has will completely fuck up jack. The moment Jake Paul starts his shit talking is the moment he will get the Mike Tyson everyone knows.

  28. As far as Tyson being to old…🤣😂well old age an treachery will destroy youth an vigor any day of the week. Tyson is more than capable to K.O. the kid quickly. The man still has his power and lightning ⚡ fast hands. Watch some of his daily workouts before this fight came into play. Neither are geniuses. Tyson’s a thoroughbred boxer an will hurt the mutt that’s foolish enough to try an take a bite of him.

  29. Yal crazy I’m the age of Mike few years older and I will take on some of your punk ass bull shit taking talking bad asses. And I was not the man he was. But I did bite if I had to …..

  30. Heard a story about Jack Dempsey. He got into the back of a taxi and two thugs opening both back doors tried to rob him. Jack leaned over, punched one, knocked him out. Leaned over, punched the other thug, knocked him out.
    Don’t count out old fighters.

  31. I dont like what boxing has become. If he beats tyson, ill nbe permanently done with boxing. Paul does have talent, but why keep fighting old retired fighters? Man up bro

  32. weather exibition or not, these to are in it to win. their both grate fighters. Jake Paul has proven he can hang with world class fighters and has a serius punch. He is traning to win. Mike Tyson has nothing to prove and only wants to shut JaKE Pauls mouth and make a fat stack of cash doing it. Your an idiot if you cant see it. The fight probrably wont go to rounds. it will be fun to watch even if they where head gear.

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