🚨Conor McGregor has declared war on Micheál Martin as things get ugly between McGregor & the government 😬

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The former two time UFC Champion Conor McGregor has now declared war on the Irish government. As he seeks to blame the government for the mess that went on last night, McGregor certainly has a strong opinion on this and his letting all his followers know of it …

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I have a suspicion they enjoy the unrest and they’ll likely use this to bring in harsher laws banning protesting, “hate-speech” and so on.

We need strong leaders in the west, not weak traitors who view their people as disposable & replaceable economic units

We have no leaders anymore. Strong leaders are non existent They all play into the hands of their masters Doing what they’re told to do for money They have no real interest in making the country better Or helping the residents

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