Michael Phelps Calls Out Conor McGregor To Race Him

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Before you get ahead of yourself, no Conor McGregor won’t be taking up professional swimming any time soon but after his recent stint in pro boxing it seems the daring Irish man will be linked to almost any high profile sports event in the near future.

McGregor has just come off the back of a TKO defeat to Floyd Mayweather after years of speculation and even though the UFC superstar failed to defeat the now 50-0 fighter he gained lots of respect for attempting the seemingly impossible and not shying away from a challenge.

Since the fight, McGregor has been linked with the WWE, Hollywood movies and now the swimming pool after American Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps called ‘The Notorious’ out.

The challenge was a joke of course but when the 29 year old Dubliner is involved there’s always that 1% chance of the him taking you up on your offer.

Phelps has just come back from another pointless sporting spectacle recently himself after he raced a great white shark for the Discovery channels ‘Shark Week.

The shark was in-fact a computer simulation rather than a actual great white but its swim speed was calculated using data collected from the real thing. Phelps finished the 100m course in 38 seconds, two second slower than the ‘shark’.