Michael Owen’s daughter confirmed to feature on popular reality TV show Love Island

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Michael Owen’s daughter is going on Love Island – this is NOT a drill.

Owen’s daughter, Gemma, went viral earlier in the month after the former England international shared a photo on social media wishing her a happy birthday – a rookie error.

Social media was in meltdown as they realised that Michael chuffing Owen, of all people, had produced such a stunning daughter. We still can’t believe that she’s his.

If she is, though, then he’s in for a rough ride for a month or so, with it having been announced today that Gemma will be making an appearance on Love Island.

It remains to be seen whether Gemma is genuinely looking for love or this is a ploy to promote her brand as an influencer. We can all decipher what the reality is on that front.

Best of luck to her, though, and she really ought to avoid doing anything TOO explicit or embarrassing on the show – her father would get absolutely rinsed for it on socials…