Michael Bisping Says Money has Exposed What Type of a C*** Conor McGregor is

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Former UFC fighter Michael Bisping was talking on the True Geordie podcast and reckons the money has turned Conor McGregor into a c***.

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“If you want to talk about someone that is f***ing out of control… you know where I’m going to go. Conor f***ing McGregor.

“He’s still got legions of f***ing fans. I know you had some very tough things to say about him when he had that incident with the old geezer in the pub.

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  1. After the fight, Kavanagh, who has overseen McGregor’s rise from relative unknown to UFC superstar, said in an interview with Laura Sanko : ‘I wasn’t concerned at all, I was actually really, really happy. ‘And I knew what I was going to be saying between rounds. I was just going to tell him to keep doing what he was doing with the kicks and try to close a bit heavier this time. 

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