Lionel Messi Could Be Set to Leave PSG for European Giants

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Lionel Messi’s father has reportedly called Barcelona about a possible return to the Camp Nou. PSG were knocked out of the Champions League last week at the hands of Spanish giants Real Madrid, a hammer blow especially when you consider the talent in the PSG squad.

By all accounts Gerard Romero revealed that Messi’s father and agent, Jorge, has been in contact with Barcelona in the last few days. The Argentine star has struggled to settle in Paris and sees the Spanish city as his home. Could the 34 year old make a return to the Nou Camp this summer?

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  1. Messi left Barca abruptly without considering the future of his career where he was safe. He also lost his fame and the support of his fans. This is ridiculous and idiotic. But it is “not latter than never” situation. If he is back, certainly will become best opportunity and chance for lifetime. As an ardent fan, I suggest him to join Barcelona to be a master again. Let the Almighty bless him abundantl.

    1. Very daft comment 🤦 he had no choice due to laliga financial rules, stop wallowing in ignorance and get your facts right son

    2. Bullshit statement. He was forced to quit the catalan club. He did everything he could to stay. Understand the facts first before spouting some bullshit statement.

    3. Well,dude,to begin with at the time only a handful of teams could afford him going by his justified enormous wages.Man city n Psg were the only 2 clubs around the world who stood the chance of signing him but City had already broke the bank with their record summer signing of Grealish for a 100million pounds.Remember Messi’s barca situation took everybody offguard n by suprise including messi himself who was so sure of his stay in barca.Had man city been informed earlier of messi’s situation they would have definitely have gone for him instead of Grealish n i believe city would have suited him better with their style of play n of course the Guardiola factor who made messi the player he has been over the years.So the Psg switch was just another ‘no option’ decision because of the lack of an alternative.

    4. Check your facts. Messi was just sent away by the club. You should have listened to his farewell message

  2. That is a poor psg team only 3 or 4 top players and messi is one of them psg fans are not knowledgeable by any stretch United fans won’t boo Ronaldo after last night only a few touches

  3. Did you not see Messi shedding tears when leaving the Catalan Club? How dare you insult a man God has blessed? There could be better than Messi but their legs were not as preserved as Messi’s. Had Messi had serious injuries he would not have won Ballon d’Or these seven(7) times. Fans are very ungrateful set of people. They have no memory. Hosanna to the son of David! After a few days, Crucify him! Crucify him! Are there no players that have never scored a goal in their career?

  4. I’d prefer him stay another year, perform exceptionally, take psg to a ucl final or even win it, just to silence the haters. After 20 years with a club, who knows how it’s been beside him? Some of the haters can’t even stand getting dumped after a 20 day relationship like Ewas up der so they shouldn’t speak a sentence that has the name MESSI in it.

  5. Messi must come and play in South Africa.
    Here we dont boo anybody, win or lose.
    We just want the players to play…..we love soccer.

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