New Footage of Mbappe Pushing Messi & Fighting with Messi Released

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After destroying Clermont Foot 5–0 in their opening match of the 2022/23 campaign, the French champions defeated Montpellier 5–2 at the Parc des Princes.

Since then a video has been doing the rounds of Mbappe appearing to have an ego the size of a football pitch. Here’s a clip of him bumping into his teammate Messi and arguing with Kylian Mbappe. See it below;

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I suppose here’s a prime example of why the Ligue One club still haven’t won a Champions League title and a lot of big name managers have failed to get the best out of the teams. Christophe Galtier must find it very difficult to control these players.

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  1. Let Mbappe have this at the back of his mind, PSG is not his family owned and he alone can not afford to do without the support of others.
    Let him know that Messi has been in the business of football for quite a while now, and he won everything for Barcelona.
    U can never catch up with him, Messi is Messi

  2. Since Real Madrid is people’s team,it would have been very difficult for this boy,Mbappe,to be amongst this team squad because his behaviour is beyond limits.he is disrespectful of other players and the managers of PSG must know he is going to cost them a lot.

    1. Am from Aruba. I saw this coming a long time. He is just at the beginning of his career. He needs to behave and play football.

    2. Trust me, if he was in Madrid, he won’t behave like this, he’ll definitely respect the big boys, no one comes to Madrid and behave nonchalantly

  3. Messi missed the most important penalty in the champions league last season.
    What’s wrong if Mbappe want to play another penalty?. Sometimes just let go Why is Neymar doing so difficult when he also misses penalties.
    Was the penalty so important?. Paris was controlling the game already.
    They are one family 👪 family argue, family fight. It’s not a big issue, stop making this thing a bigger issue.

  4. Mbappe is no where close to Messi and Neymar and never will be. He is the most selfish player. An irritation!

  5. That is crazy for Mbakpe to be asking for another penalty. He can never match Messi or Neymer till he die.

  6. That’s what lots of money – from filthy worthless business man who didn’t tire earning a single dime of it – does to a lowlife who found himself the highest paid in the world!! And of course, all is with blessing of the crooks in UEFA & FIFA

  7. I don’t like the way Mbappe acting to his Team-mates and it’s true that Messi and Jnr plays well when Mbappe is not on the pitch. If he was told to do that, the board was wrong very wrong. We don’t support PSG because of that small boy, we’ve seen lot of videos of him ignoring Messi while he’s on right place to be passed the ball, but he prefer shot than passing to Messi to make different.

  8. Mbappe is disrespectful…
    One day he said” That bum doesn’t pass to me” in regards to Neymar.
    Let him just leave our Paris SG since Messi and Neymar play better in his absencia

  9. I don’t see Mbappe pushing Messi in the video, so what’s all these nonsense about? Mbappe missed a penalty and as long as he wanted to go again, he should have been given the opportunity to redeem his name. That’s what team spirit means. PSG don’t need penalties to beat Montpelier at any point in time. So Neymar was wrong not to allow him redeem his name. That’s what team spirit means. We are so interested in defending Messi and Neymar that we tend to forget everything. Neymar do miss penalties, Messi too, even Ronaldo and Salah. Focusing on Mbappe and Ronaldo seems like a media blackmail carefully planned. For instance, Ronaldo outscored Messi last season yet the focus was on Ronaldo and him alone. I think it’s just q media thing.

  10. As the saying goes: if you hold your son as a king, you’ll surely be the first person to pay tax. PSG made him to be what he is

  11. Mbappe means 0 mind he need good advice from his manager to respect team mate more for the goat messi if really he is footballer.

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