Messi Breaks Down in Tears with Copa America Celebration

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Lionel Messi finally won his first international trophy with his beloved Argentine in defeating Brazil in the Copa America final back in July. Last night in their World Cup qualifier against Bolivia they had a celebration of winning the Cup and the former Barcelona legend broke down with tears of joy in front of the home fans.

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After the game the 34 year old and PSG player said “I dreamed about this. Finally, it’s been given to me. After so much waiting. There is no better place to celebrate it than here. My mother and brothers are here tonight, they suffered a lot and today they celebrate. I am so happy.”

“I have peace of mind of having achieved the dream that has been denied to me so many times,” Messi told ESPN. “It was like a dream, a spectacular moment. I couldn’t believe it had happened. I enjoy watching the images now more than at the time as I was in a daze. I didn’t quite understand what was happening.

“A part of the media treated us as failures, saying that we didn’t feel the [responsibility] of wearing the jersey, that we shouldn’t be in the national team.

“We tried to be champions before, we were the first ones to want to. It’s very difficult to win a World Cup or a Copa America. At the time they didn’t value what we did, they only put emphasis on the fact that we didn’t achieve the aim. The important thing is to feel satisfied that you have given your all…luckily, the last time [final] was different.

“Everything I won was important and beautiful, but this was the most difficult because I went through many things … it was knock after knock.

“I finally had happy holidays from the first day to the last. Before I was bitter and now it was different from start to finish. My children sing Argentina songs all the time, they remember the final against Brazil, and for me it’s spectacular to see how they enjoy that.

“Every other minute they tell me: ‘Dad, you were champion’ I can’t explain it. I would have loved for my family to be at the Copa America, but they were unable to be present at any game, even the final. It was a bit the price we had to pay. We were champions just when they couldn’t be there.”

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