McGregor wants ‘to fight Nate Diaz for lightweight title’ in trilogy decider

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Conor McGregor told the Mac Life YouTube channel that he believed a lightweight title fight with Nate Diaz would be ‘special’ quoted by the Daily Mail.

Nate Diaz has went a full calneder year without a fight but according to the Daily Mail, Dana White has a ‘great fighter’ in the works for Diaz that isn’t Tony Ferguson.

The head of the UFC is trying to get fan favourite and certified BMF back into the octagon after losing to Jorge Masvidal in the end of 2019.

‘We’re working on a Nate Diaz fight right now, and it’s not Tony,’ Dana told the Mac Life

McGregor then speaking with the Mac Life said

‘We’ve got world titles in boxing now, I hear Dana talking about Nate Diaz coming back down to lightweight, I’d love to compete about Diaz.

‘We will compete again but it if happens at lightweight for a title that would be something special. There’s many great options in the works and let’s see what happens.

‘I think if he’s going to come down to 155, he should come down for me to be honest with you.’

McGregor then revealed that if he doesn’t get his fight against Nate Diaz he will probably change weight division again and leave Lightweight.

‘Nate’s a warrior, Nate’s a go-er, Nate shows up, steps up, and fights,’ he added. It’s not necessary I don’t feel, to have him fight a 155-er, against another contender.

‘I think it should be me and Nate. If he’s going do 155, we could possibly do that for the belt. If not, I’ll probably just fight at 170-pounds again.’

Conor is currently preparing for his fight with Dustin Poirier at lightweight in UFC 257 so it doesn’t make sense for the Irish fighter to already be speaking about changing weight but Conor has never been one to obey the norm.



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