McGregor Wants Rematch With Khabib In Moscow

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Khabib seems unstoppable after extending his record to 28-0 with a win over Dustin Poirier at UFC242.

Wherever he goes or whoever he fights, Conor McGregor is all people want to hear about from Khabib and they got exactly that when he brought him up in the post fight interview, he spoke of the respect between him and Poirier and how it wasn’t like the ‘b******t’ with the last guy(McGregor)

McGregor took to twitter after seeing the win to say ‘Book my rematch for Moscow’

Many don’t believe McGregor doesn’t deserve the next shot at Khabib, that Tony Ferguson should get it even though Khabib vs McGregor 2 would make much more money. Dana White came out after the fight and said that Tony gets the first shot and if he refuses, McGregor makes the most sense.

Could we really be about to see the great rematch?

Who would win?