McGregor says Khabib is ‘afraid’ of him and ‘not a real fighter’

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Conor McGregor has been all talk about Lightweight title holder and now retired fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov in the build up to UFC 257 against Dustin Poirier.

The Irishman lost to Khabib through a fourth round submission during the main event of UFC 229 two years ago.

Since then McGregor has repeatedly come out attacking Khabib’s image and character and that has continued today as ‘Notorious’ told ESPN as quoted by the Daily Mail

‘I think he’s afraid to fight me. That’s for damn sure. And I don’t blame him. I know exactly what to face.

‘I fought the best of him that night, he fought the worst of me on that night. He knows it, I know it, his team knows it.

‘I’ve the answer to destroy that man. He can pull the wool over people’s eyes for only so long.’

McGregor thinks he has found the answer to Khabib, something that the 29 people he has beaten in his career didn’t realise. Would he have a shot if there was a rematch?

He added: ‘I think his hand was shown. He’s not a true fighter in my opinion. How could you walk away? There’s so many great fights to be had.

‘Think of the Diazes, the Fergusons, there’s so many wild fights, the Oliveiras, the rematch against me.

‘I think it’s just preposterous to walk away. Not only did he **** on the bus, I think he ****** on the chips also. I think he showed his hand.

After his verbal attack on Khabib he admitted that Nurmagomedov’s retirement was due to his mother not wanting him to fight after the passing of his father and that he empathized with it. She wouldn’t want him in the octagon unless he was in the corner.

‘But then, at the same time, you know, there is family issues. It is what it is. So all the best.’

McGregor has to focus on the task at hand as I doubt Dana White would give him the money fight against Khabib if he can’t beat Dustin Poirier in his comeback match.

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