Conor McGregor makes his fans a promise that he DEFINITELY can’t keep

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Conor McGregor has VOWED to quit drinking whiskey when he makes his eventual return to the UFC.

McGregor suffered a seriously nasty leg break during his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier. The doctor stoppage saw the Irishman fall to his THIRD defeat in the space of just four fights.

Not only that, but it also ensured that he would be spending a significant amount of time away from the octagon. We’re no doctors, but we imagine you can’t be throwing leg kicks when your shin’s folded.

McGregor has now spent time recovering and is on the precipice of coming back – but remains a local in his pub, where he has spent more than one too many nights in recent weeks and months

Fans have accused McGregor of throwing away any chance of a UFC comeback by becoming a functioning alcoholic, but he insists that this period of alcoholism will be short-lived.

He told Severe MMA: “Once I get the leg cleared and I get that feeling when I kick a body, step back in and out, then I’ll be able to gauge time.”

Conor McGregor (pictured) is expected to make his UFC comeback later this year

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“Then I’m going to isolate myself, stay away from the pub, stay away from my Forged Irish stout, my delicious smooth Proper 12 Irish whiskey and dedicate myself to my craft 100 per cent.”

“I’ll give it a month or two of that and see how everything goes and then make the move [for a comeback].”

“I’m in no rush, I know there are a lot of people supporting me, I want to do them well and that’s what we’re going to do.”

We certainly hope so. We’d love to see McGregor return to the UFC and be triumphant again, as far-fetched as it sounds. What a delight that would be for the whole of Ireland!

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