McGregor has tweeted about his future in the UFC

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McGregor suffered his first knock out defeat last night in the octagon at the hands of Dustin Poirier.

Dustin Poirier landed the knockout blows in the second round and Herb Dean called the fight with McGregor unconscious in the corner.

Dustin started the combo with a deadly calf kick before combining a string of punches together that put McGregor to sleep.

Many expected this loss to be McGregor’s last fight in the octagon but he has come out on twitter to show that he’s not retiring and he expects a trilogy fight with Poirier as they are currently tied 1-1.

He talks about how he is ‘excited’ for the ‘blockbuster trilogy’ that he’s set himself up for. It’s hard to imagine Conor beating Dustin after Poirier put on such a dominant display last night.

McGregor promised a ‘masterpiece’ of a fight before last night and said he would impress Khabib enough to come out of retirement for a rematch but his promises didn’t come to fruition.


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