(Video) Floyd Mayweather spars a one-year-old in his most thrilling exhibition fight yet

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Having pound-for-pound boxing great Floyd Mayweather as a grandpa is everything that you’d expect it to be.

Mayweather is widely regarded as one of the finest boxers ever to have lived. His 50-0 professional boxing record speaks for itself.

If you’re to be born into the Mayweather family, you’re being born into greatness, as his one-year-old grandson has already learnt.

A video was shared on social media of Mayweather sparring with the child, who actually managed to land a clean shot on his grandpa’s chin.

Boxing pedigree was inherited by Mayweather from his father, and he’ll no doubt be keen to pass it even further down the family tree.

Whether his grandson has a future in the sport remains to be seen, but landing shots on Floyd Mayweather as a one-year-old is undeniably impressive.

Perhaps we’ll see him fighting on the undercard of one of Mayweather’s upcoming exhibition fights. He probably wouldn’t be the worst fighter on the card…