Floyd Mayweather accused of homophobia after refusing photo with fan for controversial reason

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Boxing great Floyd Mayweather has been accused of homophobia after refusing to take a photo with a male fan with painted nails.

Mayweather is one of the most recognisable figures in the sport of boxing. Were he to stroll past, you’d probably find yourself flagging him down and asking for a photo.

That’s exactly what one fan did, but was left disappointed, with Mayweather appearing to refuse to take a photo with them as they had painted their nails.

You can see the clip below, with Mayweather’s comment clear as day and the fan accusing him of homophobia as a result of his refusal…

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It’s a real fine line, whether you’d deem this homophobia or not from Mayweather, but it’s definitely more than a little ignorant and certainly archaic.

He’s a fighting man so you wouldn’t have expected him to have mixed with a great deal of males with painted nails. That said, it’s 2021.

Mayweather really shouldn’t be discriminating when it comes to who he takes photos with – especially not over something so trivial.

Homophobic or not… it’s not a good look, is it?

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