🚨Former Mayo footballer goes in on the ridiculous leaked player Charter 😬

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The former Mayo footballer David Brady was on Newstalk and said the following quoted by balls.ie

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“As a player or a manager, I wouldn’t ask any human being to sign up to anything like that,”

“It contains the words ‘can’t’ and ‘mandatory’. What I’d say as a player, if that was put in front of me, is ‘Good luck, goodbye and God bless, I’m going to play with the second team’. There has to be a degree of professionalism but you have to have fun.”

David Brady went on to say;

‘You know what? If you want to go on your J1, keep in the best possible shape that you can. Don’t disrespect your body because you could be needed, but you’ll earn it to come back, you won’t walk into the team’.

Whatever clown wrote that, should be run out of any sport organisation! Sport is supposed to be fun not that type of BS. I’d love to know who wrote up that list ..


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