🚨Referee Matthew Carley comes under heavy fire for SHOCKING & Unbalanced performance last night in the Wales v Fiji Match

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English referee Matthew Carley is coming under serious fire from rugby supporters online as a lot of people watching Fiji vs Wales last night, thought he was extremely harsh on the Pacific Islanders Fiji in their pool game against Wales last night.

Some of the comments below;

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Matt Carley should be ashamed of that performance. Wales just get warnings after warnings after warnings… Fiji get a card … disgraceful, Fiji robbed #WALvFIJ
Absolutely gutted for Fiji, they didn’t lose that, Matthew Carley won that for wales with some of the most ludicrous decisions I’ve seen in a rugby match for a long time. #rwc2023 #WALvFIJ

MORE HERE: 🚨Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend Harriet Robson has posted this on her Instagram account.


The Fijians can feel extremely hard done by..

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  1. That try from Eroni Mawi Jersey no 1 Fiji should be given a penalty try that tackle from Wales is arm tackle considering to be dangerous

    1. It was a clear shoulder charge with no mitigation.
      There was no clear attempt with the usage of the tacklers arm to be upfront. How embarrassing to note that the other AR’S were not at time assist the Ref. He was totally biased and should be sent home without anymore RWC games.

  2. World Rugby is biased against teams and players that don’t originate from the the “home” unions or are of another racial background.

    1. Totally and totally agree…..white vs black…
      It’s about time we have our own World Rugby Union…..Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, and others in unions that are not white to make this up. We can do it

    2. The only home nations that get assistance from the referees are consistently the celtic nations. Nothing to do with race.

  3. It Kills Any Game for the Players that’s Was Training Hard Just Too Meet some Bias Ref you Think It was played in Russia Pls put are STOP to this Kind of Behavior It Kills the Hame

  4. A lot of the penalties that were awarded against wales should have gone the other way , some of the tackling the Fijians done could have done some real damage

  5. Guys stop moaning. The Fijian player should have been red carded for lifting up off the floor Wales scrum half Gareth Davies, after receiving a bag to the head from a Fijian tackle. There no knowing what long term injury he could have done.

    1. Are you joking high yes on the neck soft impact player in football mode holds head to try for card Ala Australian scrum half,keep of rugby pitch. Wales no1 for sh#@ housery. For Jack Sprite

        1. He lifted him up because he was trying to milk a penalty/yellow card. Watch him spring up moments later. Pathetic gamesmanship.

  6. Sad to say the worst person on the pitch was the referee. In the last 10 min of a great match he should have given at least 1more yellow card to the Welsh side. He in normally a descent ref in my opinion during this game he did not come up to standard

  7. This has NOTHING to with race. Why do you always have to bring skin color in when things go wrong? The refs performance was bad and that needs to be addressed, not the color of his skin.By the way, there only a handful of socalled white (albinos) in the world, the rest are caucasian.

    1. Yes I agree the referee’s performance was poor but it had nothing to do with skin colour but unfortunately racism is always raised. I believe it is more the way 2nd tier nations are treated by rugby officials.

  8. What the majority are failing to realise is that in the first half he warned Fiji to stop making infringements in their 22. When they collapsed the rolling mall in the second half, he had no choice as he had already warned Fiji.

    Could clearly see the arm out for the try line tackle and was also a clear double movement.

    Also there are 4 officials on match day, all were in agreement.

    Did Fiji deserve to win yes, should we blame the ref for them losing, no.

    Get on with it, cancel culture should not creep into rugby, it’s pathetic!

    1. That double movement should have still be a try,the shoulder to his head should have been a card prior to him diving forward,cynical & dangerous & no one picked that up.Disgusting

    2. Pathetic excuse from Cal .. yes the referee cleared helped wales win the game with the inconsistency of the calls made on the day … you mention you had already told Fiji about the ruck and mail yet you forgot to mention he had already given heaps of warning to Wales also before giving Fiji a yellow card and in the last 10mins no other yellow card to the Wales team …? Why is that yet he had already told them clearly before the dying minutes and still doesn’t make sense because it’s totally bias.. towards a tier 2 nation

  9. This is called white collar crime, this referees mentality is still from1869 thinking that tier 1 will and should win.

  10. We were lucky not to get more yellow cards in the last 20 minutes, finally an English ref on our side after after years of Wayne Barnes bias

  11. Gamesmanship for milking penalties like football players is one of two reasons I don’t watch football, the other football players getting in the refs face.

    You can keep both of those right the hell out of Rugby, it’s bad enough that there isn’t a clear you get 3 penalties in your red zone then bin or final warning then bin rule in place, for example, refs need clear rules but oh hell no to football player behaviour.

  12. We should raise hands to see if there is ‘a case to answer’. If yes and win, sue the ref with $11m which in favour of the Flying Fijians. This case will close and no more of these sorts from the referee’s associations. Especially to the Tier2 against the Tier1 team. WHAT A SHAME!!!!

  13. All great comments from keyboard ref’s. Go do a course, run the game and get qualified and them stand up and do the job than blame the guy who stood up to be a ref.

  14. Great game,Referee Matt just got too excited🤣,
    We bless on the island witnesing this great tournament,
    Rugby is our Religion,as we call it,what ever happen in a game stays in the field,💯💥

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