🚨 Mattéo Guendouzi found out the cruelest information any footballer could find out when he came off the pitch in a friendly against Bayern Leverkusen

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This is just awful Marseille midfielder Mattéo Guendouzi was told his home was burgled during Marseille’s pre-season match vs Leverkusen. His wife & child were home at the time, his wife was able to get the intruders to flee after taking a single €20,000 Rolex.

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That’s just awful to see, home is the one place where there should be safety and to have a young family also. There’s some scumbags out there, no doubt about it. Hope his family are ok after such an awful incident.

A lot of the league’s are back this weekend also and we can’t wait for the action to get going. Who do you fancy to win the Premier League this year? Surely it will take a lot to beat, Manchester City again.

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