🚨Matt Williams believes World Rugby have a major problem with how the Springboks are using the scrum

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Former Scotland and Leinster coach Matt Williams was on Virgin Media last night with Rob Kearney and Ian Madigan. The Australian, Matt Williams believes that the scrums are becoming a problem for the game of rugby and that they shouldn’t be used as a way to get a penalty.

See the video and some of the comments underneath;

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Tactically France denied the Boks the scrum. So how did they do that? Last night was a struggle from a spectacle point of view but damn it was drama on drama.

This guy is better off watching touch rugby then.

What will you be discussing next week that needs to change? The Springboks are definitely pushing boundaries!

I think Matt Williams will be surprised to here that Rugby League does in fact exist. And we would all very much like if he would go and watch that instead and leave us all in peace.

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  1. He’s right, nowhere else in the game are you penalised for not being as good as your opponent. Why should it be a penalty every time there’s a scrum?

    1. If you love rugby, and your over 30 you’ll understand the harm all these very clever coaches have done to the game. The natural abilities of these super athletes are defined at mini and junior level. And then along come these guys who probably never had their ability or simply wants an egotistical job. And coach all the instinctive ability out of you. Next thing we’ll be having sumo wrestles at half time for extra points

    2. That’s the aim. There is a reason why the forwards are bigger its to get the advantage. The downside is the bigger the players the slower they are. Thus causing you problems in other areas. The aim is to find the balance. So for you to now say, that its a problem. Then why would you even bother playing the game, cause clearly you don’t agree with the game. Leave the game and move on. The game has existed for how many years? Exactly. Its what has caused the game to grow so muchband to be loved so much. If you continue to change rules that you don’t like, or areas of the game you “suck at” then what will be left of the our beautiful game. You my friend should stay, very far from any positions where you can influence the game and its rules or else the game itself will collapse.

      1. It seems to me that you are only interested in the scrum, unlike 90% of the fans that would like to see an exciting open game , as for rule changes, I am a secretary of a local club, and get updates on multiple rule changes every year.

  2. Hello. I watched the games. Seems to be a lot of so called head butts where players get injured. I propose that ALL player wear the srum half type head cap. This should reduse injuries to the head?

  3. O please. Scrum is a part of rugby. If my team got a better pack than you, it’s not my priblem. Man-up then.

    If your team can’t handle the pressure of a scrum, then dont enter a world cup if you can’t man-up.


    1. It’s not about getting rid of scrums but about a team forcing a penalty and the other team have done nothing wrong.Im glad I’ve heard this today as I was discussing this yesterday and we discussed that in no other sport do you get a foul awarded against you for not committing a foul.S.A.won on a technical point, manufactured by themselves.

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