🚨Springbok fans are going mental after Matt Williams shares his disgust at the 7/1 split once again from South Africa

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The former Scotland and Leinster coach Matt Williams was talking on Virgin Media and shares his thoughts on what he strong disagrees with the 7/1 split that the South Africans are doing once again for their game against Ireland on Saturday night.

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Why giving him a platform “not morally correct” what is he going on about?

Rassie is living rent free in matt’s Head

Whine on and on and on. Without end.

You weren’t allowed any subs in the 80s… maybe that player would have survived if he was subbed off before being smashed in a scrum…

Can anyone tell me who appointed Matt Williams the head of morals and ethics for World Rugby? He certainly isn’t the head of excellence and high performance coaching…

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  1. As if the forwards are “huge- have abnormal bodies”! Look at the wings & centers of other teams- e.g. Eng, Fiji, Samoa, All Blacks, etc. Think back on Lomo. Really, most youngsters these days spend more time in gyms building muscles than on field. Go cry domewhere else. Rassie think out of the box- time to do the same! Fooitog.

  2. What he’s saying is they must put a “Don’t try this at home – trained professionals only” label underneath the springbok emblem. Fair enough.

    1. So it is immoral to have depth and vision in planning and strategy in order to win..sounds like sour grapes to me, cause you didn’t think of that.

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