🚨Neil Jenkins with a disgraceful exchange with referee Mathieu Raynal, this really isn’t on 🤬

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The former Welsh out-half Neil Jenkins could be in a bit of trouble after his exchange with match referee Mathieu Raynal. See it below and the comments underneath ..

Jenkins should have been sent off, not his place to say anything. Embarrassing behaviour.

The whole Welsh rugby set up falling apart, you absolutely love to see it

The practice of coaches running on the water, and worse still (in League) running the defensive plays with a bottle of water in their hand is bollocks. And someone with Jenkins’ experience should know better than to set such a bad example.

Not a great look this is it?? And why isn’t our captain doing the talking??

Very poor and unprofessional from Jenkins, this should be dealt with after the game. Referee was correct to warn him.

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  1. There was a time I enjoyed watching Ireland, Scotland and Wales play, then along came Sexton, Farrell and a couple of others in different teams, now we got arrogance coming from Jenkins… He might be the coach but that doesn’t give him the right to talk to the ref like that… The field belongs to the ref for the duration of the game and then this arrogant pick comes on to try stamp his authority… Not good for the game

  2. Let those in charge of rugby union deal with it. Anything anyone says here wont change the result.

  3. It’s an even worse lack of respect than normal! Gatland and the rest of the coaching staff should be summoned to a disciplinary hearing to discuss this behaviour!

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