Mason Mount’s father opens up about the social media abuse that ‘affects his family’

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Chelsea’s rising star has been subject to a lot of hype on the internet along with some awful hate on social media with his father speaking about these matters on The Si Phillips Talks Chelsea Podcast which has been quoted by Chelsea News.

The 22 year has exploded into the first team and made his mark on the Premier League and with that comes a lot of pressure from fans online as they have proceeded to send abusive messages to him on social media with his father Tony Mount saying that Mason chooses to ignore the negativity and only look at the positive messages.

Tony said:

“It doesn’t affect Mason he doesn’t read it. Mase only deals with positivity.

“But it does affect his family; it affects his sisters it affects my wife. They get upset. But they know not to read it.

“I only read the accounts I want to read like you guys[Chelsea News], I’ve got thick skin.

“My family are truly humbled by the real Chelsea fans.”

Abuse has become rampant on social media with young footballers really suffering yet the companies do not seem to care or want to stop it all.

When are they going to realise that these troll accounts are affecting real people and their families?

What should the social media companies do?


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