(Photo) Mason Greenwood ramps up security measures at Manchester mansion after bail release

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Mason Greenwood has ramped up security measures at his Manchester mansion after being released on bail, reports The Sun.

Greenwood was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of rape and assault. Greater Manchester Police sprung into action after his girlfriend Harriet Robson made allegations of abuse via her Instagram story.

The 20-year-old was held in custody for three nights in total before being bailed. Police re-arrested him for sexual assault and threats to kill prior to his released. The investigation remains ongoing.

Greenwood will now be spending his time inside the walls of his impressive mansion until Greater Manchester Police determine if they have the necessary grounds to charge him.

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In anticipation of doing so, Greenwood appears to have purchased himself a £350 security system. Representatives of the Controlled Solutions Group were pictured arriving to install his new security measures.

Mason Greenwood has beefed up security at his home

Considering the immense amount of public interest in the case and the furious backlash Greenwood has received online, it’s perhaps not a bad idea for him to ensure that his home is as secure as possible.

Clearly, there are paparazzi camped outside his house, which wouldn’t make us feel particularly comfortable. You wonder what other kind of visitors he could end up getting…

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