Mason Greenwood Could be in Big Trouble After Shocking Allegations Emerge

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The 20 year old Manchester United and England striker Mason Greenwood has some explaining to do after Harriet Robson’s Instagram posted extremely disturbing images on her story.

For those who are not aware, Harriet Robson has accused Mason Greenwood of domestic abuse through images on her social media account, with videos that followed which suggested that the footballer was attempting to force her to have sexual intercourse. The images and video have since been deleted from the social media platform.

If the images aren’t disturbing, the audio that was on Harriet Robson’s Instagram are even worse

“Move your f*cking legs up… I don’t give a f*ck what you want you little sh*t” is just one of the vile things heard from the audio when Harriet was refusing to have sex.

“I’m gonna f*ck you, you t*at. I don’t care, you will f*cking have sex with me, do you hear me?” is another. It’s difficult to listen to, simply because this is the lowest of the low.

This is truly awful to hear, if this is true it could spell the end for Mason Greenwood at only 20 years of age.

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  1. I reckon that this vile young man has just reached the end of his soccer career. If he is charged and found guilty, as he surely should be, it is very likely he will go down for ten years. Even though that means he will still only be 30 when he is released, no professional team will employ him.

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