🚨Mason Greenwood’s football career could be over after another announcement.

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Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood recently added Nike back to his Instagram bio after charges against him were dropped.

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Greenwood has been suspended by Manchester United for over a year now due to multiple charges placed against him.

However, those charges have now been dropped and Greenwood saw it as an opportunity to add Nike back to his Instagram bio.

However, Nike have now told The Mirror that Greenwood remains no longer their athlete after they dropped him last year after he was arrested.

Awful the way it has ended Greenwood, but then again it was awful what he did and there can be no place for it, especially when so many young people look up to him.


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  1. if he goes back to united Nd he starts to score goals and kids look up to him Nike will jump on that bandwagon too

    1. Your spot on & he will be up there again, just leave him alone & get on with what he is brilliant at, his ability to score goals ?

  2. We are humans, please United don’t let a talent fall like that. Wish to see Greenwood among United’s Forwards in ETH’s Team

    1. I have to laugh at all the man utd fans on this saying he deserves a 2nd chance , this might be true if he was found not guilty in a court of law but he wasn’t , CPS , said not enough to secure a conviction , utd fans as wer these questions , if he played for , Liverpool, City, Leeds, arsenal would they be as forgiven, if your was your sister or daughter would you be so forgiven ? Do you think this was his first time doing this ? What girl has the insight to record something like that at the spur of the moment ? Plus there is a women’s team at united that might not like to see him around the training facility.

  3. Needs to go. No place for this BS anymore. Talent is no excuse. No conviction is also no reason to keep him either. There is a professional women’s team at United. How would they view his return? Turning around and sweeping any of this under the carpet, those days are gone. Enjoy China Mason!

    1. Doesn’t everybody deserves a second chance in life or is everybody else perfect free of mistakes pls show me that person Mason deserves a second chance no matter what just my opinion

  4. We all human being not forgetting we make bigger mistake than what Greenwood did,to extend of killing.
    As a fun of him and the club at large I politely request,let him shine again as united player.

  5. We want Greenwood back to the team, after all mistakes are made by people. He should be forgiven. I love you Mason❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Please don’t let him go plz plz plzzzzz we Africans we love to see greenwood at the club plzzzzzzzz

  7. Mistake is human. As a living person, you have a high chances of making mistakes even more than the one he did. If God can forgive then why mustn’t human being forgive, pliz forgive Mason Greenwood as we still like to watch his left foot scoring goals for us.

  8. My opinion is nobody knows the truth..everyone is putting judgment on him, why we don’t know. Might be because he is a Man United player, might be because he is a man. If I was Mason, I would get out of England. Relucate to a country where people is more forgiving and less judgemental..I have a feeling there is something that is not being revealed of the whole incident…If he suceed to become one of the greatest footballers, than England must be the last country that he must present.

  9. If there is no mistake, there wouldn’t be forgiveness, so I think they should forgive him and let him return to the team.. He’s just a fantastic talented young player, my heart beat♥ and one of the reasons why I supported united

  10. Feel for Greenwood. But he shouldn’t be allowed to play for us again it’s indefensible what he did.
    No one can deny it we all seen the pictures and video.
    I don’t want United’s name dragged through the mud.

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