🚨Mason Greenwood has made a few BIG changes to his social media today

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The 21 year old Manchester United and England striker Mason Greenwood has made a few changes to his Instagram this week. He has added both Manchester United back to his bio despite still being suspend from the club and Nike football also.

Greenwood, who hasn’t played since January last year, has added the club and major sponsor Nike back to the bio on his personal page.

He has also deleted over 100 photos from his profile and all nine of the remaining posts feature him in United colours.

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He has added Manchester United and Nike to his page, despite still being suspended by the club

Will we see the Manchester United striker back in a Manchester United shirt ever again..? Highly unlikely with all the eyes on the world look at this.

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  1. Please leave him alone if plays for us again so be it stop and think what an input you are having on this . she dropped the charges but women like her cause the problems.

    1. Are you serious? There are recordings of him abusing her physically, sexually AND emotionally. She is a victim of abuse. He is the problem not her. If that’s the way you think, you are also the problem.

  2. Let Mason play. He is not the first and the last to commit a crime. However he was cleared of any wrong doing. Many players have done it and still playing. Why him?

    1. So the way forward is to let him away with it like all those other players and let down yet another victim of abuse? Your logic is idiotic. He abused her and there is proof, just because the chargers were dropped doesn’t mean he should be allowed back to the club.

  3. Noone knows the truth only the people involved but the best thing if he wants to carry on his career is move abroad yes the charges have been dropped but like the saying goes shit sticks and the abuse he’ll get ain’t fair on him

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