BREAKING: Mason Greenwood is set to leave Man United to join this club in a sensational move.

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Mason Greenwood is considering moving to China to pursue his football career.

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The Crown Prosecution Service recently confirmed that the charges against Greenwood for attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm had been dropped.

Manchester United are now conducting their own investigation as to whether to keep Greenwood at the club.

According to Metro, Greenwood is considering moving to China to play his football if he was to be sacked by Manchester United.

I don’t think we’ll ever see him in a Manchester United jersey ever again, too much of a risk to take in terms of PR etc.. Good luck to him wherever he wants to go and trying to rebuild his life again..

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  1. Man utd should consider his talent and career to give him another chance I hope he has learnt his lessons.
    Young guy with bright future and great potential

    1. I absolutely agree with you. Mason greenwood is a talent player and good finisher so Eric ten hag must give a chance to rebuild his career football.

      1. United should consider him ,they should show hi love no matter what happened to him.He is still a man united boy, very respectful and obedient boy.He has a good relationship and character no matter what happened.

        1. Live together die together
          Bad boys for life.
          From 6 years in man utd jersey.
          Need to give him a chance but with full dedication 😉

          1. Please do not let greenwood go as in him you have the talent you need. Please please consider bringing him back to the fold.

      2. Leaving other factors constant, we all make mistakes in our life time Mason deserve a second chance at United they both need each other here I mean Greenwood needs Man u and the club needs him too.
        He is a very talented footballer whatever united is doing now internal analysis they should do it
        with an aim to give the man a chance to play again at Old Trafford.

        1. You’re definitely right, we all do make nasty mistakes, some people so even worse but they never come to light. He deserves more chances

        2. Mason is a professional on but I think he is an arrogant stubborn spoilt child. He is not the first man Utd academy player doing fine, what about Rashford and co? First time the court granted Mason bail, he was warned not to have any contact or go close to the ex-girlfriend, but less than a week, he was caught calling the ex-girlfriend. How are we such he wouldn’t repeat the same mistake? Man Utd still pays him his wages, his jersey number was not allocated to anyone ,even when he is not active. I believe Man Utd has really tried for lad but Mason he choosing not behave himself

          1. Obviously the reason he called her up was because he was trying to clean up his mess. She’s the main reason the charges have been dropped I reckon.

          2. u cant kill a young talent because of a woman, have u heard his part of the story, all this is meant to destroy the future of the young talented player… how many both feet skilled attackers do we have in EPL, we dnt even have a good attacker in Man Utd if not for Rashford , the young made an impact before the issue he should be given a 2nd chance!!! Period… we all make mistakes

        1. He is academy graduat so fergive him and I think now he learnt more lessons in his life .manu funs need him back

        2. He who has no sin should judge first,mistake it part of our life, because only is perfect.

          1. If charges were fully dropped and I see no case against him; personally man U should get back with him on the pitch as super sub like before

      3. Just because the charges were dropped doesn’t mean he’s innocent, he should never play for Man Utd again, he was in a privileged position and threw it all away with his behaviour and regardless of how talented he may have been the club have to do the right thing

        1. My dear friend I don’t know you and you also don’t know me. Just for an example if it was you how could you feel just be kind and honest

        2. Nobody is above mistake……he needs more love. He is a bundle of talent that must not be thrown away. He deserves a second chance.

          1. That’s the question am asking those who are saying Manchester United should get his contract terminated. The guy is innocent

        3. If you are pure without a sin cast a stone on him you fool, is people like you that God will never give you second chance not even to repent if you sin against God, if you can open your mouth and talk like this God go punish you foolish man.

        4. Actually, it DOES ‘mean he is innocent’! He was and is innocent, as is any other citizen of the UK – UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW!
          This is a fundamental truth of criminal law.

          I’m appalled that trial by media it taking hold in this country and heaven help us if it is allowed to continue unabated.

        5. Doesn’t mean he is guilty either, charges have been dropped so where are we getting “he threw it away” from, when courts have not pronounced otherwise everyone is presumed innocent

        6. Man u is in a ddcult position, they yah has much to offer and can rily bring extra dinamic to the already flowerishing manutd, but the team has also to protect its stakeholders unless they agree with it, u talk of sponsors and partners, they will rather get rid of one person than all,.

        7. The boy is only 21 years old, stop being so judgmental. Other clubs would grab him in a jiffy and it will be Man utd’s loss.

      4. Its not fare enough to chase a talent of young star. united should have given him a chance to prove it once more I know as a united fun Greenwood will and shall make a united great

        1. So true, everybody makes mistakes or being blackmail, anyone that are perfect put up your hand. He’s the best manchester united as ever carry through the football academy, where change is it should be given, all who think he should leave put yourselves in his position, would you want to be forced by fans or any?

        2. Yap, Greenwood is a star by himself and due to that accusations isn’t to let him go. No one is perfect we make mistakes.

      5. Did anyone ever hear of 2nd chances ,talk about being burned at the stake and you not even proven guilty of anything
        Social media bullshit asshole twats

      6. It’s not about Eric Ten Hag forgiving him,it’s not even ten Hag that will decide his future in Man United. It’s the United hierarchy that has decided that,he should have known that Man United as a club don’t joke with such things at all.

      7. It’s a tough decision to but I really hope Man U can be gracious to welcome him back to the squad. Raw talent and will give Anthony a fight for shirt. He sure would have learnt his lessons especially as a young lad who’s just rising!

    2. I agree with you but the video didn’t lie he gas to change his demeanour he could be better than jabe if he puts his energy into his future career he has a lot of issues to sort out long before he gets his career back on track he should look at ched Evans to see what will happen to him if he dosent get his own house in order and to be seen doing that too that’s the only way he can save his career people don’t for that kind of behaviour anymore from no one

    3. What ever happened he wasn’t at the club premises so Mun u should not sack him at all.But they should give him a warning at least.

    4. Talent alone is not enough, Balotelli was a very talented footballer but he failed, Mason is a PR risk, the leaked audio evidence was damning.

    5. Public Relations, law and adult punishment is quite close. He’s an adult no need to beg, accept consequences of choices we make, they are not always not comfortable but take it, he should be happy he didn’t end up in jail.
      Wait for your employer decision and begin now with kitchen scouting to secure pasture new .

  2. You guys just decide to write crap right? Mason has not been convicted and has had charges dropped. He is not the first or second player to be involved in such allegations. Thomas Partey is playing even as he had it too. Ryan Giggs played for a couple seasons after what he did.

    The kid was stupid but he has charges dropped and should return to football where he will develop best. Human beings might try to get at you but how long would they do that? After six months and life is back to normal.

      1. Man United should not write off this great talent and should be given the second chance to make amends, No one is above mistakes in life. This should not be the end of his career in Man United

    1. How was he a victim when he was not proven guilty and also not innocent because the charges were dropped. It stinks and I bet there’s money involved.

        1. He should be forgiven, most of us making all this negative comment aint even perfect we once make a mistake in our life time yes, he did wrong yes agreed but he must have leant from his mistake and life goes on, plz that shouldn’t affect his career💯👌🏾 I love greenwood with mason I stand.

    2. If the court has dropped all the charges,which mean he is innocent. Why a second triall by the club.the club is not the state law

    3. Please don’t let mason to leave Man Utd he is a talented boy and he is a finisher, I’m still waiting for Mason to get back inthe for

  3. He should never play for Utd again. If you heard the audio and think that’s okay the police need to keep an eye on you too. The sponsors and women’s groups will make sure he never plays again. There are also players in the dressing who would refuse to play with him in the team also. They have daughter,they have heard the audio. Rumour is his ex is back with him. That’s why the charges are dropped

    1. If the victim has forgiven him and they have moved on, who are you to not want him to play for Manchester United again?

      1. Our prayers for this young and promising talent have been answered,we the fans believe in him.Who is this that have a thinking of sacking him.

    2. If he was your brother or son and becoming a success at such a fast pace in a short time span, would you have said something like this to him after such a mistake?
      Mendy of Man City was convicted and he’s back to the club, Thomas Partey is still playing, Ryan Giggs was playing while being investigated, drugs were found in Rio Ferdinand’s possession, Phil Phoden brought hookers to the team’s camp during the Euros and several others.
      I’m not saying what he has done is right, but everyone at different occasions has made terrible mistakes that has cost them a lot, but that’s not enough to give up on life and ambitions. Greenwood deserves a second chance and if not given in Man Utd, it MAY ruin his career and the world of football will loose one of the finest talents of this generation.

  4. 98% of the people saying that he is not needed in the club must have done such and is hidden or must have done something greater that Greenwood case. Why not have a forgiven mind and call everything as past. He has a great hole to fill for United and his presence was much felt. Ask yourself if it is your son or your brother that did that will you not forgive him or will you drive him out of the house? Every snail has a dirty.

  5. If anyone listens to those voice notes it is abundantly clear Greenwood is no victim, and charges being dropped does not absolve him of all wrong doing. Mason is young and should be given the opportunity for repentance but this will take time, I would have liked to see him take responsibility for his actions instead of weaseling out of it would have gone a long way to repairing what HE caused.

    Also, suggesting that other teams players have done it so why can’t ours is the purest form of partisan stupidity

  6. The blame goes to Manchester now because they didn’t know that the guy is a fantastic player that has a great future like V.persie nobody is above temptations and the kid made a big mistake and has learnt his lesson many players did that in the premier league so why wouldn’t man-utd let go of this shit and take him back even the prodigal son was forgiven now I noticed Manchester is not united again what they are lacking since they found it now wanna let go a very big versatile player that can use both legs and can score and attack from any angle if man-utd sell greenwood if am him whenever I face man-utd I will score hat-rick against them the guy has been there since at the age of 7 now he’s 21 that’s about 14yrs😞

    1. It’s obvious Manchester United lacks unity like you said. I’m surprised that players that are supposed to help him overcome the traumatic experience are the ones saying they don’t want him back in the dressing room(according to rumors not confirmed facts). If that were true, then I sense jealousy and conspiracy because the team has changed a lot since he left and those that he played with like Harry, AWB, Scott,Fred (all have lost their places in the team) I don’t expect the likes of Bruno & Marcus to be involved as he poses no threat to their spot in the team.

  7. Surely nobody is perfect. Give Mason greenwood a chance. Many players have been there and we still see them playing football out there. The boy needs a second chance. He just went off guard.

  8. Manchester United should not make such mistake, did he Greenwood kill anybody? He was only accused and has not been found guilty untill the charges was dropped.
    Manchester United please let the boy continue his playing carrier at the club, we the fans a solidly behind him.

  9. He is not guilty he deserves to in the united team he is way better than half the players in the squad

  10. Am sure United fans won’t allow board to sack him, only if United fans are no longer having the same fillings they had for him anymore, in fact there will be protest against them (United board) if they sack him, greenwood returning to United will surely boost the club which is obvious to everyone and the club also need him

  11. Not found guilty means he’s innocent.
    Manunited shouldn’t destroy his career but I advice he needs an environment like Arsenal ..

    Greenwood be a fighter and step up to find inner peace ..
    Love you kid bro
    @china the worst move you’ll ever make..
    So don’t at these stage

    1. No one in the premiership will touch him, it’s China or Saudi Arabia for him where the don’t care about women’s rights

    2. The charges were dropped. He wasn’t found not guilty big difference. The voice recording is pretty damning. United are right to get rid. He made his bed now He has to lie in it.

      1. May be uo not a united supporter but we are talking about the wonderkid if the court has dropped all the charges against him why should united act beyond the court team Greenwood forever

      2. You particularly must have made some terrible mistakes that are hidden.are you perfect? how made of your shits have you shoulder? God forgives so who are you not to? You are just human and he is human too. Although i condemned what he did but he deserves a second chance.

  12. Real Madrid move will be better for him or Newcastle united, we are human beings and human being do wrongs no one is perfect

    1. Maybe if uo not a united fan but we are talking about the wonderkid. If the court has dropped all the charges about him it means he is innocent then why should united act beyond the court a boy should be given a second chance. Team Greenwood forever

  13. We all heard the tape and because the girlfriend refuses to testify doesn’t make him any less of a scumbag. He should never wear the shirt again!

    1. Mr perfect,i know you are sinless. But God is watching. If you have never made a mistakes before condemn him but if you have don’t pass a judgement on err is human but to forgive is divine.He deserves a second chance just like God always gives us including you

    2. Greenwood is nice and talented player ,every one in life made mistake in life that will lead him to repentance ,yes the Boo boo has been committed ,Ronaldo equally did the same thing as well .let United give him second chance to recuperate United forever .

    3. This is basically the comment of a hypocrite, who doesn’t deserve a second chance? hell even Christ gave us one. Not saying he is innocent but his career shouldn’t be ruined because of this. No one is perfect man, even man united conducting another investigation doesn’t mean they’re perfect and we both know if they decide to terminate his contract it’ll be because of their image not because they give a sh*t about the girl. We all deserve a second chance man, he should play again. He’s important to us.

  14. Amazing fans, willing to look past what actually happened for 3 points, yes charges were dropped, not proven innocent by peers, UTD would be mad to have anything to do with him in the future, any females commented on this yet

    1. UTD will cancel his contract as he has brought the club into disrepute, he will mouth off saying he is going to sue for breech of contract, which UTD lawyers will love, the will call the witnesses that dropped their complaints, and greenwood will run to China never to be heard off again

  15. ‘Not found guilty’ is not the appropriate description of the events that led to this point. He was not tried at all. Greenwood obviously had his cake and ate it..Money may have been involved.. To all those saying many may have done so in secret, UK is a hypocritical society, in fact, every society is…and I dare add, it keeps the society sane to some extent. If everyone is allowed to throw their secret dirts on our faces, the society would be very ugly and reprehensible. Greenwood himself may have done even more vile things but as it is in our society, he got away with them because it never got out in the open. That was a bad case that a club like Man United should not be seen to condone. It’s egregious for the PR. …and for Greenwood, he surely hasn’t learnt his lessons..Getting back with a woman that had him on tape…almost destroying his career (hoping that hasn’t happened already) is reckless. I don’t expect Man U to take him back. A significant section of the fan base would be scandalised, never mind feminists and women rights activists..It would unsettle the club. They better avoid that controversy with all the attendant distraction..

    1. Exactly, people acts as if they’re perfect. And meanwhile some have done more vile things. This guy might or might not be innocent but it’s obvious he’s learnt his lessons, anyone sane seeing his career flash from his eyes will know mans already battered up. So why can’t he be given another chance to do what he loves and where he loves it again.

  16. I love the way he took it. Please walk away from the troubles in your life and find a nice place for a good start. I know United will not sack you, but it’s better to explore another country to move on with your career. If you stay in England, another set up will come knocking.

  17. He fucked up… He did learn his lesson… He should be on the team again…

    This life doesn’t have a manual assigned to it.. as we live our lives every day, so we learn…

    He should be given a chance… No matter what, Mason is still a Red🔴

  18. Everyone posting that he’s a wonderful player and should be given another chance as he is a ‘victim’ either have no regard for women or from a culture where its perfectly acceptable to treat them this way.. he wasn’t found innocent charges were dropped.. why? Coz money talks.. Doesn’t matter how good you are, it doesn’t give you the right to treat people that way. United should kick him to the kerb and set and example

  19. Everyone posting that he’s a wonderful player and should be given another chance as he is a ‘victim’ either have no regard for women or from a culture where its perfectly acceptable to treat them this way.. he wasn’t found innocent, charges were dropped.. why? Coz money talks.. Doesn’t matter how good you are, it doesn’t give you the right to treat people that way. United should kick him to the kerb and set and example. The girl got him on tape.. why? Because she was more than likely gathering evidence to stop the abuse. Deluded people

  20. Everyone posting that he’s a wonderful player and should be given another chance as he is a ‘victim’ either have no regard for women or from a culture where its perfectly acceptable to treat them this way.. he wasn’t found innocent, charges were dropped.. why? Coz money talks.. Doesn’t matter how good you are, it doesn’t give you the right to treat people that way. United should kick him to the kerb and set and example. The girl got him on tape.. why? Because she was more than likely gathering evidence to stop the abuse. Deluded people

    1. Mason deserve a second chance, he is just a young kid with great potential. I dont think his career should be ruined for such mistake for the first time, but however he has learnt his lessons, a second chance is needed for Mason at old trafford.

  21. Why should they sack him, he was a victim of circumstance. Let him remain at the club so that there will be a great competition between him and Anthony. Someone who have a great potential for the club

    1. Never should be allowed to play on a civilized team, if someone done it to you daughter of sister, would you give them a second chance because they were young, if you answer Yes, your an uneducated bigot

      1. And if your brother did exactly the same thing and was proven not guilty would you still give him a second chance. If your answer is Yes, then you’re a hypocrite and also an uneducated bigot. You’ve gotta learn to put yourself in other people’s shoes before you go off commenting on stuffs

  22. Man utd are trying to recruit a striker / Finisher. Why go inthe market and spent millions when you got Greenwood whose charges were dropped?

  23. I love this young talented boy Greenwood but please man u still need him I wish am Henry Tag Han I will accept him and train him well persist nobody is above or below mistake we are all 99% nobody is perfect please Man u bring him back show love to him he deserve it we are all family and family matters a lot please 🙏

  24. Please I think this younger star can have second chances hid better than Antony 100millon
    If you can give him a chance it’s will be part of United legend in future I like the guy nobody above mistake I think he we realize his mistake

  25. If Greenwood was a Caucasian, they wouldn’t hesitate to bring him back into the squad. All those clamouring that he shouldn’t play for United again are r**ists. Was John Terry banned, was Giggs banned?
    Allow this boy to play ball and entertain us the fans

  26. I feel he has already learnt his lesson in hard way. The uncalled for negative publicity he received world wide would still leave a trade mark, but MAN UTD should give him a second chance in order to utilize his talent.

  27. To everyone I pleaded cause mason Greenwood is very talented and I love him Erick ten hag should consider him and give him a chance also cause he is very talented once again a good finigher. Manchester United to give him a chance pls

  28. Mason deserve a second chance, he is just a young kid with great potential. I dont think his career should be ruined for such mistake for the first time, but however he has learnt his lessons, a second chance is needed for Mason at old trafford.

  29. Greenwood is an asset that shouldn’t be wasted. Legally, he’s guilty of nothing. Morally he deserves a second chance. It will be a grave error for United to truncate his career without a just cause.

  30. United should give mason another chance, he’s still young and will fit into ten hag pattern of football. As human,at a point in life we re prompt to mistakes but learning from it is d best way to overcome it.

  31. I think they should cut him off international duty just like what was done to benzema, but Man U should keep him they need a young talent like him

  32. The last time I checked, i thought Greenwood and that girl were lovers ….so I don’t think cuz of this issue then man utd will now sack him on less man utd boards are heartless

  33. We all make mistakes in life let a lot of players have done more of what Greenwood did our club should not rush into making a decision we will regret ,cause remember he is a very talented young player for me we should keep him ,help him mentally and then send him on loan lets not judge him .

  34. Mason should be given a chance to grow his career. He is a victim of some peer influence and cannot be condemned when ha has already been cleared of any allegations. Bring the young lad back to score those goals.

  35. No way Manchester united board should not sell him they should welcome him back to the club and show him that love the team has to him😞😞❤️😭

  36. I don’t want to play a racial card here but Maguire assaulted a woman and is still at the club with the same people calling for Mason to be released supporting Maguire. Go where you will be loved boy. Erik Ten Hag has no say in this one. Hope one day you will comeback to a big club and haunt Man Utd. All the best boy.

  37. It’s not fare give him another chance to see Greenwood is such a good player pliz let him remain

  38. ETH should consider Mason and save some millions on overrated players. He’s far much better than Martial and Anthony.

  39. He is still young in football and we still expect alot from him, such talent should not be wested let the club give him another chance to rebuild his carrier, everyone makes mistakes and others makes them at the old ages and still are forgiven how come a young boy be difficult to be forgiven. We need him back

  40. There’s one thing that we all need to understand “we’re not angels” that don’t make mistakes in life once it happens doesn’t mean that the whole thing should be turned down Greenwood deserves another chance. Why broadcast his bad deeds than his good ones maybe he was over emmotioned and he didn’t kill I rest my case.

  41. It is important for everyone to look at greenwood as your brother or sister and ask urself wat wil i do?…..i no u’ll won’t tell us your answers, he deserves a second chance.

  42. Please we are pleading on his behalf I believe that if you give him a second chance I see more trophies and more titles please I know and am sure he mean a lot to Manchester united

  43. I used to enjoy watching united forward with greenwood. So leaving Greenwood will be the biggest mistake ever

  44. May the Lord help and be with the young guy, we all do make mistakes and we all do pray so we can be forgiven.

  45. As for me I would rather advice he move out of England to somewhere so he can confidently rediscover himself

  46. Imagine Greenwood, Garnancho and Rashford in a game, bruh that will be straight finishing 🥺🤔

  47. No, Manchester United should never make the mistake of sacking this talent, rarely found; he should be given another chance pls!

  48. He’s not been convicted in any of the allegations. Dropping charges is definitely interpreted to mean there wasn’t adequate evidence for the case to proceed. Considering his talent, denying him another chance is madness and an insult to us as Man UTD fans




  50. I totally agree with Man Utd to let him go. Dropping of the charges doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. It’ll be the right move to ler him go go for the sake of not only protecting the team’s image and reputation but also not to disturb the current good spirit and hight morale currently existing in the dressing room.

  51. Why let him go? Afterall the charges against him has been dropped,man utd needs his talent and its going to be a big wastage should he leave

  52. We all do wrongs , infact every human being is bound to make mistakes but what Manson went through is part of life it happens ,he is still a young boy like any other growing up child therefore to me he deserves a second chance if God forgives who are not to…?

  53. Man United should consider forgiving him and giving him another chance he is young and has learnt from his mistakes he is a talented striker please give him another chance 🙏🙏

  54. Mason greenwood deserves a chance at United no one is perfect and I’m sure he has learned his mistakes. Either guilty or innocent he must come back to the team

  55. Not a Man U fan but love Mason as a footballer. HEels a young lad to have his career destroyed his early. Man U should keep him. Would love to see him at LIverpool. Though.

  56. Does Ten-Hag even know who Greenwood is? Man United is a business so to earn profit, they’ll not do what would give them bad press. Companies hate bad press as bad press means less money because don’t buy from companies with a bad reputation.
    Bringing back Greenwood would lose United tons of money. Money talks, it is what it is

  57. To all the comments here. One question. If it was your daughter, sister or niece would your comment be different. He and a lot of other young lads got to much to young and both thought and think they can do what they like. A total disgrace to all those who took care of him in his young career.

  58. What drugs are use on? Charges where dropped because he came across eith money as the crown prosecution didn’t drop the charges? We live in a world where treating any woman like that is completely unacceptable and it doesn’t matter who you are in life you need to have respect for women. I notice he’s talking about going to China to play out his career and I think that statement alone says it giving China’s human rights issues. I dunno what hilly Billy part of the world some of use idiots are from but in the modern world hitting, raping and holding a woman hostage is a complete no, so use boys head back and herd your goats, idiots!

  59. Yaaap I agree Eric Ten Hag should utilize that homie….manchester is blood n so is he❤️❤️…give the man a chance to silence the haters…

  60. Ronaldo was in a similar position as mason a few years,but he played charges have been dropped against this lad people meaning he is innocent in the court of law let him train and be intrrgrated into the first team

  61. Greenwood should be taken to premiership side on loan n man utd can have an opportunity to monitor from far if indeed there’s some football left out of him, then he can be granted second chance or even sold at a good fee🤔🤔

  62. Mason greenwood should remain in the United group for Anthony need a serious threat for his actions and moreso greenwood is need in United

  63. United should consider his talent, we still need key guys like him for a brighter/strong team tomorrow. His is a game changer

  64. Every now and then, we fall from mistakes and other events in life. Give Mason back his jersey. He has fought a good fight for the red devils and now it’s time the red devils to the same. What makes a team is not wins but the strength to fight for each other.

  65. Mason Deserves a second chance,we all make mistakes in life but letting such a talent leave,it’s a big mistake for the club.

  66. The courts have responded based on evidences. Manutd will do the same. I hope Mason will find favour similar to those who have crossed the line.

  67. Manchester Utd should let Mason Greenwood back. What kind of public image your are protecting. There are bigger companies and countries that killed more than millions in world war and they were forgiven no a simple one misunderstanding between lovers which the story is only known to them and God and want to hurt the whole fun in your funny hide a seek of fear of PR.

  68. United should please put into consideration his talent and accept him back in the team since all the changes are been dropped because united still need him at the goal line, that could give a treat to Anthony Martial to be himself again.

  69. Sacking Mason Greenwood because of what happened to him is a sign of hatred Manchester United has for him.
    We are all humans subject to mistakes, and at this point I believed Greenwood has learnt his lessons and will never indulge in such act again.
    I think it will be better if manutd give him a second chance to build his life and career again.
    He is our academy boy that is talented.
    If manutd didn’t give his jersey number to all the new signings, and didn’t stop paying him his wages during his trial times, is it now that will sack him.
    We should be happy that such a talent is back to the squared to boost the attack?
    Let’s be honest to ourselves and do the right thing.

  70. Talent is a waste without character. He should play elsewhere, work on himself. Maybe in the future after proving a track record of discipline, he can be permitted back into the top flight.

  71. Greenwood is a talented player, we the fans need him & thus Manchester United should give him a second chance, I believe he’s learned a lesson…
    GGMU 💪💪💪

  72. I won’t dispute any of your facts, you all are right if you say let mason go or let him stay.
    Am no saint in this world neither is any of you living in this planet, generally we all are stained so please let’s leave all judgements to the creator.
    If any of you could recall, towards the termination of CR7 contract we the fans were Abit judgemental wit his late performances and speech forgetting he onced carried man utd on his heart❤️ and shoulder.
    please am writing this piece to the management, to the whole United fans and also to coah, Eric ten-ag, please If we are really United as we call ourselves then let’s fight for our own, let’s fight for Mason greenwood.
    I dont know how long it will take for United to do their own investigation of the case but all am saying his please give mason another chance to wear the most prestigious red shirt in football history

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