BREAKING: Mason Greenwood is set to leave Man United to join this club in a sensational move.

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Mason Greenwood is considering moving to China to pursue his football career.

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The Crown Prosecution Service recently confirmed that the charges against Greenwood for attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm had been dropped.

Manchester United are now conducting their own investigation as to whether to keep Greenwood at the club.

According to Metro, Greenwood is considering moving to China to play his football if he was to be sacked by Manchester United.

I don’t think we’ll ever see him in a Manchester United jersey ever again, too much of a risk to take in terms of PR etc.. Good luck to him wherever he wants to go and trying to rebuild his life again..

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  1. Why should his employer (ManUtd) sidelined him even after being acquitted by a competent court of jurisdiction? That wouldn’t amount to any justice..

    1. Get your facts correct! He wasn’t acquitted as you put it instead witness/es decided not to cooperate with the authority hence charges got dropped

      1. Greenwod will go to China and you never know what will happen after.he may return to premier league and cause harm on united.that boy is a clinical finisher and very fresh.

  2. Headline:

    BREAKING: Mason Greenwood set to leave Man Utd for this club in sensational move

    Actual article: No news. But according to a different news source if he was to be sacked he might go to a club in China.

    Seriously! The standard of journalistic integrity has fallen so far. How long do you think you can continue cluck baiting traffic to your site with this rubbish? People will know not to bother with Benchwarmers anymore after they fall for this once or twice. Try and report when there is something to report for goodness sake and don’t be wasting everyone’s time.

    1. 100% agree with you. It’s just about clicks and how long you stay on the site. The article is utter rubbish. I get so angry when I see journalism like that.

      1. He is already proven innocent what the all drama, if we wanted to do our investigation, why were we waiting for the court to give its decision then we start ours, we r not serious, as if someone intentionally don’t want green at the club, nonsense, we had been waiting for a year then we start ours well never change as a club, bullshit.

  3. Sending Greenwood away might cost United funship…keep this talent…he has learnt his best….allow him a chance to put on the United jersey….

  4. Leave Greenwood alone… That boy good… He’s a rare star… Lose him today and Manchester united will regret losing him tomorrow.

  5. But why Manchester United want to kill someone who is talented.. They must keep a young boy in the team. He is a younger star

    1. He is a very good player and you want him gone not cool we need young talents in our squad Benjamin Mendy went to jail how many times for rape so why didn’t they criticize him mtchewww

  6. Am just worried about leaving the club because the talent might be lost in him.
    Am appealing for his stay in the club.

  7. Mason is a good player ever in red devil’s for now may be be his boss te hang dnt know him give time to show his guality to avoid regretting laitar I wish I know before I sell

  8. Almost all the fans love him and still want to see him with his long strike again. Please 🙏🙏 you people should leave him alone

  9. We still need Greenwood he’s a talented young player and besides, charges have been dropped so y are we still holding on to those charges?

  10. Let the boy alone. An accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. All charges dropped. Case closed. Any thing further is a witch hunt. we can’t wait to see Greenwood under manager ETH watch.

  11. We all have chance in life yes we addimmit he has tarnished the reputation of the clube
    We all beilieve that football it unites people from different nationality ,different language and behavior but once we become together we live like a family is high time we start showing love to him

    My oppioni United we need him to be part of the team please .

  12. This is soo dis heating for a very very special player with MUT I want him back on the team

    1. That’s not fair on Greenwood. Alot of players has gone through alot like that and still continued in field of play. We can still remember the issue with #KarimBenzima over his fellow countryman Vanbuena or something. He was sacked from national team for so long till he was vindicated and still came back to play for France. He didn’t retire or so.. They should give him another chance please..

  13. Listen to video of the incident, he clearly forced her, she says stop multiple times. It was dropped because people didn’t want to speak up. He probably paid them. It doesn’t matter how good at football he is. He’s a vile person who should be in prison, not be held up and revered. He doesn’t deserve a football career, let alone a football career at man city. He deserves a prison cell and to go through the rest of his life with a mark of shame on him. Man United is better then him and the young lady is certainly better than him. Use some kind of logic, would you want him playing for man United if he sis it to your mother or sister????

    1. You deserve hell bro. I don’t think you have the value of humanity in you. Both of them were in love so you can’t tell what was taking place in between the two. Why do you put yourself in search a judgement?

  14. Please we need him please no-one is perfect and we learn from those mistakes. This guy can hart if he join our reval

  15. “…too much of a risk to take in terms of PR etc.” this is the most rubbish statement ever. Bullshit with all the journalists, they know nothing. Just create a rubbish statement all the time for their pocket money.

  16. This is a special talent, what he did has nothing to do with the team, its his personal life how many other players in other teams committed such offenses or even worse,we have seen how talented this boy is, abd we have also seen how Anthony struggles to fit in.

  17. So Man U is more concerned about PR than justice. The youngster was tried in the media but the real justice system found that there was no merit to the accusations and the charges were dropped. That’s y Man U will never progress. Their priorities are wrong

  18. No, no we all knows that no one is perfect,even you and me finger’s may pointing any of us tomorrow without doing nothing just to pull you down. Let all utd fans join hands together and support green wood and make sure that the club took him back to his position. He is a great player and younger to that it can happen again Paul pogba issues which man utd sell rebuy him

  19. Please Greenwood needs Manchester United and Manchester United needs Greenwood, thats the talent Manchester wants to be more United

  20. Please let’s leave Greenwood alone instead let us loan him for full Season where he will build up and he will com back to play,we really need him,living him go will make him feel less of himself and that may weak him totally,let’s forget whatever that happened and fully support him again.

  21. Well, I understand where Manchester United stand in regard to this situation, there’s a lot at stake however, I feel the boy belongs at home, he’s not like someone who was bought somewhere outside England. He was accused but found not guilty, what he needs now is love and support both from the football family and Manchester United at large. 6 months into his arrest, United had all it takes to cut ties with him but they kept his contract running and paying him. This Greenwood boy is super talented that no-one right now from all our forwards can score the way he can. I for one would appreciate if United takes him back and let him start at least next season. He needs time to recovery.

  22. Mason Green wood is a very important player we need him in the team please don’t let go of him,he should be accepted back

  23. Considering we don’t have the numbers up front , it would be a stupid move to sack mason, his young , fast and a finisher, why should we struggle for fit players up front , when we have someone on the books already. As a fan I don’t see how he would hurt the brand if he plays again , the police moved on and so should the rest, the people in the dressing room looks like they don’t want to fight for a place in the first eleven , that’s why they are against him coming back

  24. Please we @manutdfans needs Masson Greenwood and wants him into the squared. We can’t afford to miss him any more.

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