🚨#greenwoodOUT is trending on social media today, as football fans don’t want him back

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The 21 year old Manchester United and England striker Mason Greenwood had all the charges dropped against him yesterday. Over a year a go there was some disgusting stuff released online via his girlfriend and it really was a sad reflection on the talented footballer.

Today on social media his trending again as fans debate should he or shouldn’t he comeback and play with the Red Devils now that the charges are dropped. His a talented footballer no doubt about it, but can a club like Manchester United really have a player like that in their ranks now?

It’s a MASSIVE call to make for the club and one that the whole of the football world will be watching very closely..

MORE HERE: 🚨 Breaking: Manchester United release statement on Mason Greenwood

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  1. But didn’t we see and hear a clear video of the incident he was charged for, this will stick in many peoples minds regardless of what the Judge has said because we all know full well rich/famous people can literally get away with murder so…🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. That you listened to the audio tape, and saw pictures…. Posted by his girlfriend doesn’t mean he did all that to her. If a lady is desperate to spoil your life and career, she can go any length.

    2. Then be rich! he has been proven innocent
      he love his girlfriend and his profession just support them period.

  2. Leave him alone he’s not been found guilty of any charges against him it’s turning out to be a witch hunt let him sort his life out and most of all as regards his career and united it’s up to both parties to sort out how they wish to manage the situation simple as that

  3. Greenwood is innocent until proven guilty – he should stay at Man Utd and the fans should get behind him

  4. Our rivalries will try all there possible best so that the boy should not come back to our team, they are bunch of jeolousy 🤣, am missing Mason Greenwood in our team, I can’t wait to see in playing again..

  5. Now I thank God because my prayers has been answered. The innocent boy is finally back. Let him bring his talent back to our team. He is much better than many players in Manchester United.
    Welcome back brother

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