🚨Mason Greenwood spotted leaving a petrol station with a new girl..

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The Manchester United and England striker Mason Greenwood has been spotted leaving a petrol station, some individual felt the need to record the 21 year old striker as he left the premises.

Will we ever see the striker back in a Manchester United or England shirt ever again..? Highly unlikely, too big a risk to take nowadays and the fear of the backlash from the general public..

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Hopefully for him, he can get on with his life eventually. We all know what he did was disgusting and it’s only right and proper that he receives the punishment/backlash that he did. But eventually he will have to move on and everyone else will too.. I doubt will see him at Old Trafford anytime again soon though..

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  1. Very easy for people to make judgement on something they may have seen or not seen on the internet you don’t know the full story we only know what we read about and what the papers of centralised. We all make mistakes in our lives you should let him get on with his life and his career and wishing the best for the future.
    Very easy for the people to hide
    on Facebook and Twitter social media
    the people normally giving a stick have dark secrets in their own lives but they all pretend they are whiter than white and I’ve never done anything wrong I think you’ve all been young ourselves . As we realise life is too short life is for living if you listen what’s happening around the world earthquakes murders in Ukraine the war you’re trying to verify a young talented footballer for 5 minutes of madness I really do not understand this.

    1. Very true people poke so much of their nosess into people’s personal affairs
      Why can’t someone mind their own business

    2. you are so correct my dear. The hypocrisy of our time is out of this world. once a girl or a woman accuses you, the world will turn again completely without hearing you the Male out. just let him be. If God were this judgemental, there wouldn’t be any one alive now.

  2. Leave the guy alone you maza fuck!! I’m very disappointed by the driver who took the video of him self.. it is very disgusting. Leave Green alone fuck man

  3. People should know that they’re wicked people who will bring false accusations against an innocent person just to fix them. Of note I hope these black professionals learn that these white girls will destroy you if you dump them.

  4. My Boy is coming back and he’ll give his life to the team and everything who is judging him will be are Ashamed. We all make mistakes and when it’s your turn everyone out there will have his or her own opinion to say anything they want. But we don’t care we want him back to his best from of his under the new Boss Erik Ten Hag. We are going to win more Trophy 🏆 🙌

    1. Shut up. Just because you support rapist and what they do doesn’t mean everyone else does. It’s not just a mistake it ruined someone else’s life and it gives trauma for ever. You are part of the problem, would you support him if he did it to your mom, sister, wife, daughter? You dirty clown, probably only supporting him because he reminds you of yourself.

      1. I think you need to calm down. He was accused of attempted rape and the accusation has now been withdrawn. He obviously is no saint but let he who is without sin throw the first stone. Y’all should just let this young man be; he is suffering enough as is – deservedly or not!

    1. If it is left with me i would advise Mason to leave England and naturalize in Jamaica and plays for them, instead of the hatred shown to him in England.

  5. We’re all human so we shouldn’t be quick to judge anyone
    I love mason than any player in utd so i pray and Ask for God’s intervention in his carrier

  6. Firstly, it’s the charge is attempted rape, nd was never convicted, even if he did it, the same girl who is the victim is still the same person with him. He has suffered a lot already for a year,he doesn’t have to kill himself outta depression na, at this point we are supposed to help both of them get over this coz it seriously hasn’t been easy. I know he is sorry for what he did but we really have to let him be.. Personally I want him back in the team but I think it may affect the padychology of the team especially since the ladies don’t want him.. So let him Jst try another club or league and continue with his career

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