🚨Jude Bellingham appeared to utter a word at Mason Greenwood that was caught on camera .. 😬

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Real Madrid played Getafe last night in the La Liga and at one stage Jude Bellingham put in a tackle on his former England team-mate Mason Greenwood.

There are all sorts of rumours floating around what Bellingham said after he tackle Greenwood .. See what user on twitter thinks and the comments below ..

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“Oh look, Jude Bellingham calling Greenwood the greatest there… lovely… oh no, it’s not greatest… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…”

Ronaldo and benzema were honored for doing to the same thing in that club

Yeah England isn’t winning a World Cup anytime soon, this settled that

Jude is wrong for bringing that to the field of play if he truly said that. They should sanction him for that

Bellingham is pathetic if he really said that

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