Martin Keown with a ‘Bold’ shout on Mesut Ozil

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The former Arsenal defender has hit out on Arsenal midfielder who looks like his heading to Turkish giants Fenerbahce. Keown was talking on TalkSport ‘He’s become calculated in the way that he’s undermining the club with tweets, and I think it’s now time to go.’

‘Two-and-a-half years ago when Atletico Madrid knocked Arsenal out of the Europa League, I watched very closely and it felt like he [Ozil] was conning the fans.

‘He wasn’t giving everything for the shirt; I accused him of crocodile tears, it felt like something was very wrong. That was two-and-a-half years ago, and my opinion hasn’t changed.

‘There was a session of illnesses, a mystery back injury, away games he wasn’t available.

‘Is there a problem with the player? Is he conning us? Eventually he’ll write a book and we’ll get to know the whole story.

‘But if you’ve got that much talent and you’re not getting picked, you can’t be giving 100 per cent, and that was happening two-and-a-half years ago.’

Martin Keown was a fella that gave absolutely everything for the Arsenal cause, so when an Arsenal legend like this speaks you listen.

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