Mark Noble admits BONKERS story about Declan Rice and Joe Hart

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Mark Noble has told a crazy story about a bust-up between Declan Rice and Joe Hart when the pair teammates at West Ham.

Goalkeepers can sometimes be mad characters when playing, and Joe Hart is no different. During his time at West Ham between 2017 and 2018, a young Declan Rice rubbed him up the wrong way during a training session which revealed his unhinged side.

Noble was speaking about the story on Ben Foster’s podcast ‘The Fozcast‘, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Harty will tell you this. We were doing a shooting session where the coach pings it at you, you have a touch, and finish.

Dec must’ve been young, like 19 at the time. He’s taken a touch and he’s got a lovely strike on him. He’s whipped one of them past Harty who dived for it and didn’t get there and he went ‘Harty, one day son.’

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Harty went ‘Dec, if you say that again I’m going to beat you up.’ It’s come back to Dec and he’s missed one, but he’s hit another one and it’s gone in and I said ‘go on, say it.’

He went, ‘one day, Harty’ and I swear to you, Harty has just left the goal, sprinted across the pitch and Dec’s taken off down the tunnel. Harty chased him the whole way around the London Stadium, got him, and beat him up.”

Noble ended by admitting Hart’s softer side, despite his crazy outburst at his then-teenage teammate.

Harty was mad. He is such a tank, he is so strong. I played with him at England for all age groups and he’s a top fella. He’s just mad, they’re all mad.

Rice has since gone on to do great things at West Ham, the 24-year old now the club’s captain with 222 appearances to his name.

If there’s one thing you take away from this story, it is that you shouldn’t mess with Joe Hart!

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