🥊 Marco Antonio Barrera names the best fighters he faced

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Marco Antonio Barrera fought the boxing elite of the 90s and 00s.

The Mexican legend shared the ring with fighters like Prince Naseem Hamed, Erik Morales, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez in a glittering career that ended in 2011 with a record of (67-7).

He was asked by The Ring who the best overall fighter he faced-off against and named old rival Erik Morales as his toughest test.

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“Morales is definitely the toughest opponent I have faced, because it almost seemed whenever I hit him it wouldn’t hurt him. And he’s a guy who would constantly give me pressure, and he hit really, really hard.

When asked to name the best boxer he fought he named Naseem Hamed.

“He made it extremely difficult to hit [him]. He would come around from different angles, his boxing approach would be different from the rest, and he stood out from the rest. His punching ability from different positions and an overall tough guy to get a good, solid hit on.”

The Mexican warrior famously defeated Hamed in 2001.

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  1. he should have named pacquiao, the only boxer who stopped him and whose punches he cannot withstand!

    1. He’s an arrogant fool. He cannot accept the fact that he was mauled and defeated by a then mediocre Paquiao.

  2. Naz was at the end of his career with hand problems, had Barrera tried him earlier he wouldn’t have fared so well.

  3. He wasn’t at end of his career,Barerra put him into retirement. He only just turned 27….had one lacklustre fight after that and was done. Make no mistake about it,he was sent into retirement from Barerra.

  4. Not even a honorable mention of Pacquiao He lies to himself every one knows whom he fought the hardest!

  5. He received the hardest punches from Pacquiao which resulted to his amnesia. Pacquiao should have been the first in his list.

  6. Barrera’s Ego Can’t accept that he was defeated by Pacquiao twice badly. tht’s why he will can’t mention the name Pacquiao is the hardest he face.

  7. Barrera is a liar. I watched the replays more than three times, and he was badly mauled more than three times as will.

  8. He just can’t accept the fact that Pacman beat him twice and because of the hard punches of Pacman he has amnesia and don’t even remember he fought Pacman twice. 🤣🤣🤣

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