🚨Roy Keane rips into Man Utd, ‘There are huge problems for Manchester United going forward.’

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The former Manchester United and Irish captain Roy Keane was on BBC today for their coverage of United vs Coventry City and the Cork man didn’t hold back on his anger on watching his team.

Every time I see this United team, I don’t like what I see. They’re hard to like, they just play in moment.

You go on about leadership and characters, I don’t see any of it in this United group. You’re 3-0 up, you don’t give a Championship team any sort of hope that they can get back into the game.

That’s what they do, they give up chances, they give up goals. We have seen it all season, so I don’t know why we’re that surprised…

They give teams chances, we’ve seen it through throughout the FA Cup this year. They gave Wigan chances, Newport, Leicester, Liverpool probably should have beat them, they should have been beaten today…

[Harry] Maguire did an interview at the end and said ‘we showed great character’. I don’t see character in this group of players, I really don’t.

I’m getting to the stage where I’m almost disliking them, because I see what qualities they have, but they had that game won and just took their foot off the gas. You’re waiting for leadership, you see people with bad habits.

I’m looking at the goalkeeper, he’s wasting time. You’re 2-0 or 3-0 up and your wasting time, just get on with the game, flex you muscles, you’ve got the game won. Then they take a step back almost?

Show some courage, they’re almost frightened to go and win the game. There are huge problems for Manchester United going forward.

Onana is too cocky and has an air of self importance. Glad he got two yellow cards. One in the game and one when he was clarting about when they were taking penalties.

Great game and let’s face it this has been man utd all season up and down, we can win the final, our name on the cup.
It’s difficult to disagree with him. I knew Coventry would get an injury time penalty and I know for a fact Sheffield United will get one too against us in stoppage time to either get the draw or the win
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