Why Manchester United aren’t the force they once were & might never be again..

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If you are in your 20/30’s or above you will remember Manchester United dominating the Premier League under their legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson. What has happened since?

The hunger, resilience, and winning mentality that characterized Sir Alex Ferguson’s teams is definitely gone, long gone.

The club must rediscover its identity and instil a sense of purpose that transcends individual performances and reflects the collective spirit that once propelled Manchester United to unparalleled heights in winning title after title in the Premier League.

20 years ago when Manchester United were in the middle of their most successful period in the clubs history. Manchester City were non existent, same goes for Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur didn’t have their brand new stadium and Liverpool were a joke.

While Sir Alex Ferguson was a great manager, probably the best ever, he was very lucky with his timing and with the good crop of young players he had, particularly the class of 1992.

Manchester United need to get back to the values that made them so successful. The recruitment drive at Old Trafford has been shocking to say the least.

While some high-profile transfers have undoubtedly succeeded, numerous others have fallen short of expectations or had withdrawals from the club.

The club’s inability to identify and secure key positions, coupled with a tendency to prioritize marquee names over strategic needs, has resulted in a squad that lacks the depth and balance necessary for success.

Where is the youth coming through? The Red Devils were famous for always giving youth a chance, that has seemed to have gone out the window under their current manager Erik ten Hag.

For Sir Alex Ferguson to have been successful he was giving every opportunity, even a chance to fail. None of the Manchester United managers have been given any time. The departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013 left a void that successive managers have struggled to fill.

The lack of a stable managerial presence has led to a disjointed team, with each new appointment bringing a fresh tactical approach and philosophy. This constant upheaval has hindered player development and team cohesion, impeding the club’s ability to mount sustained challenges for top honors.

All the Manchester United fans were quick to laugh at their bitter rivals Liverpool for not being able to win the Premier League for 20 years. It’s been ten years now for the Red Devils, can you see them winning the Premier League in the next ten years..?

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