🚨Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend has posted this on her Instagram account.

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Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood joined Getafe on loan for the remainder of the season on transfer deadline day.

The move sparked controversy as the football world was quickly out to criticise the Spanish side for signing him.

That is because of the previous abuse charges against him by his girlfriend. Greenwood has not played for Manchester United since December 2021.

But the player has recently been cleared of all charges and the club made the decision to reinstate the player which causes massive back clash from their own supporters as well from outside due to which they had to reverse their decision and eventually make the decision that the striker does not have any future at the club.

However, despite the turbulent period, it appears that the relationship between Mason Greenwood and his girlfriend is back to normal.

The couple are living together and raising a baby girl together. They seem happy, and she appears to support her boyfriend’s move to Getafe, as seen on her recent Instagram posts.


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  1. He was NOT “cleared of all charges”! The police discontinued the proceedings due to the withdrawal of cooperation from the key witness. They are two completely different things; I should know, I’m a criminal litigation lawyer!

    Correct your piece please.

    1. As a criminal litigation lawyer you should know that its innocent until proven guilty and nlbody has the right to assume guilt if its not been proven in a court of law. In a time where there are both horrible abusive men and a pro feminist movement that advocates an anti masculine agenda without proof we especially cannot allow for rhis assumption of guilt. If she withdrew cooperation for whatever reason then im sorry this lad is innocent of everything and its our duty as legal scholars to remove the stigma attached to him because guess what, shes still with him and theyre raising a child together. We are not privy to whats really gone on between them.

      1. There’s videos and voice recordings, proven guilty or not he was definitely abusive and her withdrawing cooperation and staying with him sadly is a common pattern for abusive relationships, takes most women and girls many years and tries until they finally keep their distance. The lack of support from her family probably isn’t helping the situation either.

  2. Well the reason his career has nose dived is due to her revelations on Social Media. If it was all true and she/ other witnesses have been bribed into silence then shame on everyone involved for wasting the time of the police and courts.
    If it was all false and manufactured then why the hell are they still together. Wouldn’t anyone want to get the hell away from someone who did that to you?

  3. There’s more to life than Greenwood and his girlfriend. Who gives a F 💩🤣Our government is fingering us to the point of climax. Focus people 👍👌

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