🚨Cameras pick up moment that could be quite damaging for Marcus Rashford 😬

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Another bad loss for the Red Devils on Saturday against Newcastle United in the Premier League and one player that is really coming under the telescope is United’s Marcus Rashford.

See his reactions below and come of the comments with it, what did he say do you think?

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I don’t think you know how to lip read very well. Come on man

He should be in the championship how many managers has he let down one season wonder

Rashford is so overrated. He has one decent season last year and people think he’s him. Well, he’s not. Sterling should start over him on England. Or Foden, whatever formation they decide

‘Did Rashford just say “What the fuck am I doing here”’ No, but then you knew he didn’t when you uploaded this. Some of our so-called fans seem to enjoy losing because it gives them licence to post BS like this.
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  1. The only one of 2 reasons why ETH keeps playing Rashford 1, Rashfords contract states that when he is fit he plays. And 2, is that he has caught ETH doing one of the cleaners!!
    I seriously cannot think of any other reason

  2. I always believed that Marcus Rashford plays football like a headless chicken. The guy hasn’t got a football head on his shoulders, the team that he has the privilege to play for should sell first opportunity. Just 1 example before I go, Italien football, to be more exact Milan and the footballer ( Gatzo) who didn’t want to know how much his salary was, the most important thing to him when he signed for Milan was wearing the shirt and fighting his heart out week after week for his team, that’s what is missing with Rashford, Marcelo and Sancho, please sell them in January and win the Premiership.

  3. What the F$$k are you doing here?
    You are on a contract and get paid very well to do a job, and yet you are not honoring it nor respecting the opportunity that Millions of young players dream of. Just get over yourself, get your agent to find you a better suited club, and in the meantime DO YOUR DAMN JOB

  4. Rashford is unfortunately one of the “modern day” players that can’t actually play football in a team!
    His whole knowledge is built around being able to run fast and doing tricks when he was playing at a younger age against lesser opposition. Personally I feel, along with a number of other English players, that he doesn’t possess the capacity to learn about football at top level. The pace will always give him one or two “show reel” moments but there’s more to it than that.

  5. I am a MCFC supporter I feel Rashfords lack of effort, interest and just general lethargy points to being a serious issue with someone or something behind the scenes and the very best way to rectify it is to remove the player / player’s who are contributing to the negativity in a few players too many bad apples spoil the whole bunch Fergy would never tolerate any players getting to big for their boots get rid and bring in players who want to be there for the team and the club

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