🚨Michael Owen has slammed ‘scumbags’ of a national newspaper for gutter piece 😬

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Michael Owen isn’t one bit happy with an article written by The Daily Mail. The former Ballon D’or winner took to his twitter to call out the newspaper, see it below with some of the tweets to go with it.

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Michael, if you wanted to be taken seriously you could have asked something insightful like “they dismiss the foul and handball quite quickly, should both of those not be referred to the onfield referee to review? Also the referee seems to cite rules incorrectly re: handball.”

I thought Webbs justification of poor officiating was predictably disappointing. Var has destroyed football. Anyone who believes otherwise has priorities that are not in the best interests of the game.

If you can pick any moment in any of the shows this season where you have ‘challenged’ Webb, then you can ask for an apology. You won’t be able to find one as the show needs a proper presenter. I’d even get Paul Merson to do it, at least he’d say something interesting.


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