Have Manchester City ruined the Premier League ..?

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Manchester City have just won their sixth Premier League in seven years, this has left football fans to feel frustrated or even resentful toward Manchester City’s dominance, suggesting that they have “ruined” the Premier League ..

The Manchester City dominance has been brilliant for football match betting odds though as, punters seem to be doing well each time the blue side of Manchester win ..

Manchester City were bought over in 2008 by Sheikh Mansour who is one of football’s wealthiest owners in the world and has an estimated individual net worth of at least £17 billion and a family fortune of about $1 trillion.

In that time they have brought in the best football manager in the world in Pep Guardiola and have built up now just an unbelievable squad but and unbelievable set up in terms of marketing, academies etc ..

Most football fans will remember the days when the blue side of Manchester was no where to be seen and getting hammered by the likes of Sheffield United, Tottenham Hotspur etc ..

Fans are also puzzled as to why Everton were docked points this year in the Premier League and yet Manchester City haven’t had any points deducted, despite more than 100 breaches of the competition’s financial fair play regulations dating back to 2009.

Manchester City will take on Manchester United this weekend in the FA Cup and if they win, it will be another trophy to their ever growing collection. How are the likes of West Ham, Brighton and even the big clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal etc supposed to compete with City on a constant bases?

Has the game been ruined forever more by financial investment from overseas? It was widely regarded for a long time that the over seas players/owners was a good thing for the Premier League? But now with globalisation has it gone too far?

In the past you had such rivalries as Manchester United and Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool and even Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City when they were both going for the league back in 2016.

Will you ever see the likes of others competing for the league again and Manchester City not or have City positioned themselves in such a way that they will be on top for a long time to come?

If Manchester City win another 2/3 leagues in a row, which they are well capable of doing. Then we have a serious problem on our hands .. The beautiful game, build by the poor, stolen by the rich ..

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