WATCH: James Maddison poses for fan selfie in middle of Leicester vs Manchester City at Wembley

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Leicester City midfielder James Maddison posed for a selfie with a supporter in the middle of Saturday’s Community Shield win over Manchester City.

Fans are now allowed back in stadiums, and there were a fair few in attendance at Wembley on Saturday afternoon – in the Leicester City allocation, that is, not so much on the Manchester City side of the stadium.

Maddison, a key figure for Leicester under Brendan Rodgers, was greeted by a fan on the Wembley turf, after they seemingly breezed past security and onto the pitch in order to ask Maddison for a selfie.

Being the true gent that he is, he obliged…

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We don’t want to be the fun police, but following the scenes we saw at Wembley for the Euro 2020 final, you’d have thought that security would have been tightened up a little ahead of this game.

The fan in question strolled into the pitch, with the security not appearing to be in any great hurry to pull him away from Maddison and get him off the pitch. It’s a little concerning, in truth…

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