🚨Lukhanyo Am had one quality line when speaking to the match day referee against Clermont .. 😬

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The Sharks had a massive win against Clermont on Saturday afternoon and one of the highlights of the game was from the Durban clubs captain Lukhanyo Am when he told the ref ‘don’t feel sorry for them’. Top notch banter that .. take a look at it below and the comments underneath ..

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Happy he said what he said, and they should continue doing so. The North can’t handle this type of honesty. Everything needs to be hush-hush and people can never say what they really think.

He’s bang on. Pathetic decision. An SA player does that to a European team in Europe and the yellow card is out before Mr ref even speaks to the skip.

Glad Am said what he did. Ref trying to pin clear foul play on Sharks lifters.

Carly talked him out of the yellow. To be fair, Carly then also tried talking him out of the Fassi yellow.

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