🚨Longford hurler Johnny Casey slams the latest decision made by the GAA, this really is a disgrace!

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Johnny Casey from Longford isn’t one bit happy with the latest decision made by the GAA. The GAA want to cut five counties out of the National Hurling League from 2025 onwards. The Longford man said it  was like taking a “hit to the stomach”.

“We think it is a cost-cutting exercise dressed up as something else,” said Casey. “There is no concrete plan as to how this money will be spent within our counties. Taking away the league isn’t an option for us.”

“There was no concrete information, just through the media then. I was flabbergasted. It was just like someone hit me in the stomach.

“This wouldn’t happen at any other level, getting rid of a hurling league division. You use the league to prepare for the championship. So many players in established counties benefit from that pathway.”

“Players wouldn’t pick up a hurl in ‘club month’. And my fear is that this will happen again. We will have lads dropping out,” he warned.

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  1. It’s a bloody disgrace I feel sorry for the hurlers that they aren’t going to be able to play hurling anymore for their county the support that they get from their supporters. All I can say is shame on the GAA board. If the hurlers want to play hurling they should be allowed to play the game that they love playing

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