(Video) Logan Paul impresses during WrestleMania battle with Rey Mysterio

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Logan Paul made a guest appearance at WrestleMania on Saturday night – and he was absolutely brilliant.

The Paul brothers are not here merely to make up the numbers in the world of combat sports.

Jake is beginning to build a credible record in professional boxing, while Logan went the distance with Floyd Mayweather and has now decided to give WWE a go.

While guest appearances in the WWE rarely end well, with wrestling taking years of practice in order to make the moves look realistic, Logan is a natural.

Have a look at him pulling off ‘the three amigos’ during his fight with Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania on Saturday night.

As you’d expect, Rey Mysterio wasn’t going to accept being beaten by a YouTuber. A ‘619’ to the face left Logan in a bundle down on the canvas.

You’re welcome back in the WWE anytime, Logan!

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